Still Loading: How a Slow Site Hurts Mobile SEO

The results a user sees when they’re using Google on their smartphone or computer will vary widely. But why is this? With Google’s mobile first indexing, the mobile search results presented to users are pulled from a different assortment of ranking factors. The expectations for mobile and desktop differ, but they do share an important factor: site speed. When it comes to successful search engine optimization, site speed is the name of the game.

The Dangers of a Slow Mobile Site

94% of people with smartphones look for local info on their phones, such as local businesses or services.1 If your site’s mobile speed is slow, you can lose potential business for two reasons. First, Google will be less likely to serve your site in results to users. Second, if users do find your site in results, a slow mobile loading experience means they’re much more likely to click away. Both of these spell disaster for your local SEO, so improving your slow mobile site should be a priority.

How to Improve Mobile Site Speed

Google has a variety of resources that can determine how quickly (or slowly) your site is loading. For mobile site speed, improvements include using an AMP plugin and accordions for content that does not need to be top-of-page. Run a PageSpeed Insights test from Google to understand specific fixes for your site’s mobile experience.

How to Improve Desktop Site Speed

The PageSpeed Insights test can also provide fixes for your desktop site to improve its speed. Desktop site speed fixes are often very similar to those for mobile sites, such as compression of images and reduction in unnecessary 301 redirects. Site speed is equally important for desktop sites.

How Site Speed Helps with SEO

We’ve discussed how site speed can harm your SEO efforts, but how can it help? A speedy site will work at its best providing users with the best possible experience. Search engines such as Google focus on serving users what they believe to be the best information and experience for their query, so a speedy site will have better chances of high rankings than a slow site. We offer site speed analysis and additional SEO services, contact our team today to learn more!