Google’s Pigeon Update – What You Need to Know

Helpful Tips For Your Site To Stay Relevant In The Local Listings

Alert! Another Google update. Here is everything you should know about the Google Pigeon update and how these changes could affect your business's online presense.

The recent update that is unofficially labeled the “Pigeon” by Google has been impacting the local search listings that are associated with Google Maps.


Here are some of the ‘Early Results’ that Google has seen due to the recent Pigeon update:
For all of the companies that are majorly associated with directories and review sites, (such as Hotels & Restaurants) those individual businesses are now showing up in the Google Carousel, but we still have organic listings on the search engine results pages and those are filled with directories, (such as Yelp, Urbanspoon, etc).


So what can you do to stay relevant in the local listings?


  1. Regularly check on your industry/business-related local search terms. Make sure that they have not changed, and if so, then you (and Tandem) need to tweak your strategy.


  1. If you notice that any of your keywords are resulting in “local” search results, then it is suggested you get optimized for local search. This will help you target consumers near your business.


  1. If you notice that you are no longer finding your keywords in the local search, then focus more on Organic SEO to make certain that they are appearing in the organic results.


  1. If your search engine results pages are full of industry directories and review sites then make sure your business is showing up in those directory results, which entails you to fill out the forms completely with all the proper information so you can make sure you receive positive reviews.


  1. If you notice that your rankings in local search are dropping -possibly the result of an update- then your resolution would be to create stronger Organic SEO signals. For example – enhancing your on-page optimization, beefing up backlinks, etc. – this is so it’s coinciding with your local optimization.


In Conclusion


This update may result in success to some, but not others, regardless of the outcome the fact of the matter is that apparently, the Pigeon update is making Organic SEO a more influential component of local search.


Our digital marketing agency seeks to help you have the best presence possible within the Google SERPs. If you need help with any of these pointers, contact your Tandem team today!