Google Search Console Update: New Reports for Video Search Results

Google is ever-evolving. As digital marketers, it’s our due diligence to be prepared for these Google updates as soon as they come out. One of the most recent Google updates is now focused on Google Search Console. This update comes in the form of the addition of two new reports that will now allow site owners to see more data for video search results.

The Search Console reports focus on how well videos are performing, specifically video appearances and video enhancements. For SEO specialists and digital markers, these reports will allow for more information on how video content is performing in regards to search results, and additional ways to pinpoint and enhance the video’s analytics.

People are able to find videos:

  1. Through the main results page. Searchers will type their query in, and in the list of possible answers, is a video.
  2. Through the Videos tab on Google. If a searcher is looking particularly for a video, such as a recipe, they can find all videos pertaining to that recipe in one place.
  3. With Google Discover, a part of Google that is tailored towards your personal interests.


How to Take Advantage of the Latest Update to Google Search Console

If you want to know how to take advantage of the newest updates to the Google Search Console, we will go over the details of the two updates and what they focus on. Implementing these new tools into your SEO strategy can increase performance for clients who focus on YouTube and Video Marketing.

Video Enhancement Report

If you have or manage a site that uses structured data for video markups, there is now an additional reporting feature in the Enhancement section of Search Console. The report is labeled Videos and will allow SEOs and site owners to see errors and warning of previous markups that were done. Conversely, it will show pages that are doing well and have no errors.

Video Appearances in Performance Report

Google Search Console has changed how it reports the performance of videos. No longer will it only report on the performance of videos in the Videos tab but will now begin to report on the performance of videos from the main search tab and the Google Discover feed, as well. You will notice new reports in this folder should your page use video schema markup or if there are other indicating factors to Google that the page contains a video.

These changes are the newest this month, but they will not be the last. The world of SEO is ever-changing and enhancing. For more information on Google updates, stay informed with our digital marketing blog.



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