Google Local Business Cards Kill Local SEO

Google Local Business Cards

Local search specialists at Tandem Buzz share news on Google Local Business Cards and how they kill Local SEO strategies.

Post Content Directly into Google SERPs with Google Local Business Cards

For quite some time now, local SEO has been a means for getting your business to rank locally. You get listed on Google Maps through Google My Business, you create your listing, Google sends you a postcard with a verification code (which can take up to two weeks), you verify the listing and optimize your business description for local SEO purposes, and then you are ready to go. Local SEO, up until recently, has been amazing at giving local business owners a shot at ranking for their location and consumers in their locale. However, the introduction of Google Local Business Cards may kill local SEO.

A “big wig” for everything digital marketing related, Search Engine Land recently published a post from one of its many guest authors, Andrew Shotland, titled Google Posts are going to kill (at) local SEO, which discussed the impact that Google Local Business Cards will have on local SEO – will they help or will they hinder?

Shotland, the proprietor of Local SEO Guide, explained how Google+ used to hold the ideal that local businesses could rank better on Google simply by posting an exorbitant amount of content to their brand’s Google+ page; however, it never played out that way. Despite Google+ failure to reward local businesses for posting content, the new SERP (Search Engine Result Page) feature that is proving to be very rewarding for local businesses is Google Local Business Cards.

Google Local Business Cards are giving local businesses a chance to post content directly into Google’s search results as scrollable cards. According to Shotland, if this practice “sticks around, it is really going to kill local SEO for some businesses – and kill at local SEO for others.” – But how?

Here at Tandem, our local SEO team and organic search team have always emphasized the use of geo-targeted, long-tail keywords in content – for organic search optimization purposes. In coordination with Shotland’s ideology, digital marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale know that there are two types of local search queries for local businesses to rank for: business name queries and business category queries.

According to Shotland, local business category queries like “engagement rings in Buffalo” are some of the most valuable queries because they represent local buyer intent. Obviously, branded queries hold less weight for local businesses because the buyer already has a supplier in mind. When a local consumer does not know where to go, local business category queries may be more competitive, but that is where local businesses want to result.

So, Google Local Business Cards are predicted to kill local directory sites, e-commerce sites, service area businesses, local businesses that don’t produce great content, and boost local businesses who are creating engaging content, digital marketing agencies who produce and optimize great content, and give a boost to Google as well. Shotland’s theory: this will allow businesses to spend more time and money creating optimized content for Google SERPs and social sharing, rather than on Facebook ads.

Tandem’s tip: continue creating engaging, optimized content that is keyword rich and caters towards local business category queries.