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    Big Wins for 2021

    • Published my first book which can be found on Amazon and the Barnes and Noble Website.
    • Started my job search in 2021 and became a Tandem Bee at the start of 2022
    • Provided excellent quality content to my clients
    • Trained through TEFL and became a certified English instructor

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    Brooklyn’s Story

    Brooklyn was born in Gainesville and raised in Jupiter, Florida. She lived in New York for one year and accomplished writing an informative book, I Am Purpose, which was published in 2021. After publishing, she dived headfirst into content and copywriting and began a freelancing business before entering the world of digital marketing. Research is her happy place. She enjoys spending time reading and writing creative content. Brooklyn loves to travel and journal her experiences, sharing her observations with others. Through these travels, she learned the importance of social media networking. During her free time, Brooklyn loves to write poetry and create visual content to emphasize her message. You may find her at a local open-mic night. Besides writing, Brooklyn is all about fitness. From delicious protein smoothies to pushing herself to run that extra mile, she loves to spend time under the sun, working up a sweat.

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