Lauren Amor

Lead SEO Specialist

Big Wins for 2021

  • Achieved 80 (known) answer boxes for a treatment center account
  • Successfully migrated several individual sites to the main site of a treatment center

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Lauren’s Story

As an Organic Search Specialist on the SEO team, Lauren currently works on writing interesting and explosive web content jam-packed with our clients’ favorite keywords. Her workdays usually consist of blog writing, content strategizing, coffee, random spurts of jumping jacks, and lots of Coke Zero.

Born and raised in sunny South Florida, she enjoys spending her off time at the beach or walking around national parks. For these scenic walks in the outdoors, she’s always sure to bring someone she can sacrifice to that can protect her from any lingering spiderwebs. Her lack of mathematical skills and little patience for the language of numbers encouraged her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Communications at Florida International University.

When she isn’t reading or obnoxiously singing at the top of her lungs, her hobbies consist of painting, laughing with family, attending church, scrolling the internet for the next book in her growing “to be read” pile, and drinking a white chocolate mocha latte (hold the whipped cream).

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