Stephanie Greco

Business Development Manager

Big Wins for 2020

  • Helped businesses of all sizes go from surviving to thriving by identifying immediate opportunities and pairing them with the services and teams needed to optimize their success.
  • Worked with over 25 small businesses to scale marketing efforts to generate success during a pandemic.
  • Adapted to COVID-19 by adjusting internal strategies to meet a variety of client and industry needs.

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Stephanie’s Story

In warm South Florida born and raised, the horse stables are where Stephanie spends most of her days. Stephanie is Tandem’s resident Animal Whisperer, she’s BFFs with all the office dogs. She’s been riding horses for over 25 years, and is on the Board of Directors for a nonprofit horse rescue, neigh big deal. Stephanie holds a Bachelors in Communications and a minor in Sociology. She’s worn many hats at Tandem, from her beginnings in SEO to her current title of Business Development Manager.

When she’s not acting as Tandem’s resident Animal Whisperer (or hanging with her pit bull Flex or cat Penelope Dawson), Stephanie can be found at networking events. She believes that networking and sales all come down to the power of connection. She’s a strong believer that connection and impact are at the core of success and strives to help Tandem grow through genuine relationships and networking.

In her downtime, Stephanie loves soaking up the sun. She’s a fan of all things outdoors, including hitting the beach or working out. Her go-to drink is her own personal creation- the Tequila Mockingbird. It features Casamigos and soda water with a lime and an orange. Order one and remember to thank Stephanie for the great drink recommendation. Cheers!

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