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Digital marketing for literary agents can take your business to next level. Use the internet to your advantage and grow online visibility now.


Grow Your Business Digitally

Literary agents could use digital marketing to attract potential clients and make sure that their clients land the deals that they want. Since they are an intermediary between writers and publishers, they need to have a solid rapport with their clients through online interactions on social media, email platforms, and search engines. Tandem’s Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts can help literary agents to use these platforms effectively, so they experience an incredible ROI. Below, our digital marketing experts detail some creative ways that literary agents could leverage digital marketing for literary agents. Specifically, the digital marketing for literary agents strategies that our experts use include search engine optimization, social media marketing, and email marketing. 

SEO for Literary Agents

Search engine optimization is the practice of slowly improving the visibility of a landing page or website. The most pertinent way that a literary agent could improve the ranking of their website is through keeping and maintaining a blog that details a literary agent’s experience in the industry. The reason that this works to improve your visibility is that it plays into what a search engine’s principal value proposition is. Search engines like Google and Bing have constructed their reputation among their target audience by being a valuable resource that connects searchers with the highest quality websites. If Google and Bing stop connecting searchers with the highest quality websites, these searchers will begin using a different service.  So, it is in their best interest to develop algorithms that get better information from different websites so they could make the most relevant ones visible. 

Our SEO experts conduct keyword research and develop content strategies that reflect what authors and publishers are most receptive towards, so a website is made visible by search engines. For example, many authors may be considering working with a literary agent and do not know the types of benefits one brings to them. Uploading blogs that answer these questions makes it both more likely for authors to partner with your business and also makes your website more visible on search engine results pages.


Use All The Strategies Available

Social Media Marketing for Literary Agents

Literary agents need a social media marketing strategy to effectively capture the attention of modern clients and customers. Authors and publishers routinely scan a literary agent’s social media presence to gauge their weight in the industry and what kind of business they run. Your social media presence should display the value and what kind of works that your authors bring to publishers. For example, posting a short synopsis of an author in your book of business along with his newest publication is a good way to advertise to publishers and attract new authors. 

Email Marketing for Literary Agents

Email marketing is one of the most traditional areas of digital marketing for literary agents. Email marketing is still effective because most people have at least one email account that they religiously check for updates. Tandem understands that your email marketing efforts should be synchronized with the rest of your digital marketing strategies. Specifically, your SEO and social media marketing efforts should lead your potential customers into landing pages, where they input their email addresses. Later, a literary agent would send personalized marketing messages to everyone who filled out the lead form. The subject line and copy would reflect if they were a publisher or author, so it reflects what they are most receptive towards.

Digital Marketing for Literary Agents

Literary agents need to use the three digital marketing for literary agents mentioned above to reach their target audience. Whether your literary agency wants to reach new clients or help your clients reach more publishers, you need to leverage the power of online communication to bridge the gap. We also offer a much deeper full suite of digital marketing services ready to be used depending on the needs of each literary agent. Give us a buzz today to learn more.


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