Digital Marketing for Magazines

While it may seem counterintuitive for printed magazines to take their marketing efforts to the internet, digital marketing could represent an essential source of revenue for them.


Magazine Marketing

While it may seem counterintuitive for printed magazines to take their marketing efforts to the internet, digital marketing could represent an essential source of revenue for them. Digital marketing for magazines consists of many different strategies that aim to place a magazine’s website or landing page in front of its potential customers and is especially useful for magazines that carry both a print and digital edition of their publications. Tandem’s digital marketing strategies optimize websites and advertise on other platforms like email and social media platforms. Tandem’s full suite of digital marketing services includes search engine marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. As a boutique digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, Tandem’s worker bees have the skills necessary to boost your magazine’s online presence. Give us a buzz today to learn more.

How Can a Magazine Publisher Use Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is a valuable tool for magazines because they are the primary way that people interested in a topic look for new information. For example, someone who is really interested in cars will spend a significant amount of time on platforms like search engines to discover more about vehicles and find websites or forums that they could participate in. If you publish a car magazine, making sure that your website is visible to people on search engines is the best way to raise the number of people flooding your website and purchasing subscriptions. Search engine marketing for magazines is essential to their graceful transition to the digital age, and it consists of search engine optimization for magazines and PPC marketing for magazines. 

Additional Opportunities for Magazines

What Is Search Engine Optimization for Magazines?

Search engine optimization is the process of improving your website, so it ascends search engine rankings and therefore increases its visibility and leads more qualified traffic into the website. Once a searcher is on your website, the chances that they subscribe to your magazine increase significantly. It’s important to improve a magazine’s website to make it conducive to improving its visibility, and the process entails uploading content loaded with high-demand keywords. For magazine publishers, written content like this is easy to come by because they could just repurpose what they have printed in previous issues by publishing something similar onto websites. To illustrate, a fashion magazine could upload blog posts or infographics that detail the newest cosmetics and how they could be used in someone’s beauty regimen. Uploading content that is useful to customers like this ensures repeat customers onto your website, which increases the possibilities of them purchasing a subscription. 

Your content should contain keywords that your target audience is inputting into search engines, so a search engine recognizes your website as a valuable resource. For example, people looking for beauty advice will search for things like “best makeup” or “how to apply foundation.” If your website includes these keywords in its content, a search engine will make it more visible to searchers. 

What Is PPC Marketing for Magazines?

PPC marketing for magazines can be used as a complement to organic search strategies like SEO. Search engine optimization is a slow and steady process that is undoubtedly effective, but sometimes magazines need to use more expedited digital marketing for magazine strategy. In PPC marketing, magazines bid on high-demand keywords instead of implementing them into the framework of your website. If you outbid your competitors, your website will be more visible than theirs on Google’s or Bing’s paid advertising space. Magazines should be visible on these paid advertising spaces because they are placed at the top of a search engine results page. 

How Can a Magazine Publisher Use Social Media Marketing?

No digital marketing for magazines strategy would be complete without a solid social media marketing strategy. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are especially useful to magazine publishers because it adds a human element to their digital marketing strategies. On social media, a sports magazine can post pictures of the newest cover athlete and include an excerpt of the article or link to the website as the caption. Further, social media platforms allow magazines to market directly to their primary audience using targeted advertisements. By uploading organic social media content along with paid advertisements, your reach on these popular platforms increases along with your subscription rates. 

How Can a Magazine Publisher Use Email Marketing?

Along with social media and search engines, emails are the most popular digital marketing platforms. Emails allow magazines to communicate directly with potential customers and lead them down the marketing funnel. Emails could give your potential readers a preview of what your magazine has to offer and make it easy for them to visit your website or purchase a subscription. Magazines often have different kinds of content catering to their different segments. If your magazine sends content that is relevant to their potential customers directly into their inbox, the possibility of an uptick in subscription rates increases greatly. 


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