Comic and Graphic Novel Marketing

Even though readers of comics and graphic novels are usually loyal customers and always looking for new stories and adventures to read, they need to be able to see new novels and interact on online platforms.


Marketing for Comics & Graphic Novels

Comic and graphic novels enjoy a particular advantage over other kinds of printed media because they usually have a cult following, which translates to a lucrative niche for businesses that produce comics and graphics novels.  Further, readers of comic books and graphic novels often congregate on online communities to discuss the latest additions to the series and their opinions on the direction that the work is heading. Using search engine optimization tactics, social media marketing, and other digital marketing for comic and graphic novel strategies, your comic book or graphic novel publication will be experiencing more popularity among its target audience. 

SEO for Comic and Graphic Novels

Search engine optimization strategies are often associated with content writing and blog posts. While this is undoubtedly an important part of search engine optimization, a strategy that comic and graphic novelists could use is to create a forum or other user-generated content where fans could interact with each other. This creates a community of dedicated fans that increase your web traffic and the interest that people have in your comic book and graphic novel. Further, having a community that critiques your publication gives you an idea of how well-received your books and stories are in the eyes of your target audience. For example, a post on your forum that discusses how well-written and engaging your previous story was will tell your team of writers to keep on writing with the same tone and keep the same kind of story arch. 

Lastly, a pillar of a solid search engine marketing strategy is to discover the keywords that your target audience is using on search engines to find comics and graphics novels to purchase. A section of your website where readers upload independent content can give you ideas for keywords to target in your PPC marketing and SEO strategies. 

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Social Media Marketing for Comic and Graphic Novels

Social media marketing performs much of the same work that search engine optimization does in comic and graphic novel digital marketing strategies. Social media platforms like Facebook allow comic and graphic novel publishers to create groups of fans so that they could share any updates on new issues coming out and address any other concerns. Facebook groups also allow comic and graphic novel producers to target new potential customers thanks to having access to groups of people that have shown a slight interest in your publication. 

Another popular social media platform that comics and graphic novels should implement is Instagram. As with Facebook, Instagram also lets publishers cultivate a following, but thanks to sharing photos and videos. An example of social media marketing that comic and graphic novelists should use on Instagram is uploading pictures and videos of the characters that are represented in the books. This adds a new depth to your branding efforts and should be used to deepen your digital marketing for comic and graphic novel strategies. 

Digital Marketing for Comic and Graphic Novel Strategies

Tandem’s full suite of digital marketing for comic and graphic novel strategies is designed to bring publishers different kinds of advantages. Our full suite includes: 

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