Digital Marketing for Newspapers

Newspapers, being a staple of communication, do not face the threat of obsolescence as more people transition from paper to digital consumption.


Marketing Tactics for Newspapers

How to Go From Print to Digital


Newspaper publishers may worry that the rise of digital media may mark the beginning of the end for their business. The truth is that there are few rituals as timeless as starting every morning with a newspaper in hand while enjoying a hot coffee. Newspapers, being a staple of communication, do not face the threat of obsolescence as more people transition from paper to digital consumption. However, newspapers need to begin seamlessly integrating some digital marketing strategies into their everyday operations to diversify their communication channels. Additionally, it would be wise for newspapers that focus on physical editions to add another stream of income than the traditional subscription model. Tandem’s digital marketing for newspapers strategies looks to help newspaper publishers flawlessly integrate online channels into their overarching marketing strategy. 

Social Media Marketing for Newspaper Publishers

Savvy digital marketing for newspaper publishers’ strategy calls for your social media posts to direct traffic to websites. Social media marketing for newspapers gives them an outlet with an extensive reach to showcase any news that your paper may have covered. This large reach translates to a lot of eyeballs on your newspaper’s profile, which leads to more people going into your website. If your social media profile has gained a reputation on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter as providing relevant and interesting stories on its profile, it is very likely to gain a large and dedicated following. Once your newspaper has this substantial, devoted following, it is more likely to funnel qualified traffic into your website, which later leads to higher subscription rates for your digital or physical newspaper editions.

How Newspapers Can Enhance Their Digital Presence

SEO for Newspaper Publishers

Search engine optimization is a valuable tool in the toolbox of digital marketing for newspapers because it improves a website’s visibility on search engines. As a newspaper publisher, you have a team of skilled writers on staff, which makes the implementation of search engine optimization for newspaper publishers much more accessible. Along with more technical strategies, proper SEO implementation entails writing content that includes specific keywords so that it is visible on search engines. 

While the articles that a newspaper publisher uploads onto its website will likely contain enough keywords to draw attention from customers because they will already be searching for the news story on search engines, this is only useful for a short amount of time. This time-sensitive content loses any value in search engine optimization as the news story becomes less relevant. Many newspaper publishers ask themselves how they can make sure that their website is visible on search engines for a longer amount of time. 

In digital marketing for newspaper publishers, the answer for longer relevance on search engines is evergreen content, which is content that has permanent value on your website. An example of beneficial evergreen content that can be used by newspaper publishers is a series of articles that detail the history of the publication. Not only can this be interesting to readers, but it also is an excellent platform to include the keywords that your target audience is using to look for newspaper subscriptions.

Want to Learn More About Tandem’s Digital Marketing for Newspaper Strategies?

Tandem’s digital marketing for newspaper strategies includes more strategies than just social media marketing and search engine optimization. As a boutique full-service digital marketing agency, we offer a full suite of digital marketing services. Contact our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts today to learn more. 


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