Digital Marketing for Books

Tandem’s digital marketing for book publisher strategies includes search engine optimization, PPC marketing, and social media marketing, among many others.


Book Publisher Marketing

Even though most communication these days is done through a digital medium, book publishers are still in demand. Book publishers sometimes discount advertising their products on the internet since it may seem counterintuitive as they deal in selling printed books. However, like most other businesses, they need to take advantage of digital marketing methods to avoid the risk of falling into obsolescence. Tandem’s digital marketing for book publisher strategies includes search engine optimization, PPC marketing, and social media marketing, among many others. Our East Coast digital marketing experts take your business’s goals and challenges into account when designing digital marketing strategies. Give us a buzz today to learn more. 

SEO for Book Publishers

Search engine results pages, or SERPs, are what clients or potential writers see immediately after searching for book publishers on search engines like Google and Bing. The higher that a book publisher ranks on search engine results pages, the more clicks, traffic, and qualified customers their website will generate. Search engine optimization is the digital marketing for book publisher strategy that places the publisher’s website on the most visible portions of a search engine results page. 

There are many ways to optimize a website, but for book publishers, the most intuitive way to make a website more visible is to upload content that readers find appealing. For book publishers, this content is usually related to any new authors, titles, or book signings that may be happening. The best place to keep content like this on a book publisher’s website is on its blog. Book publishers need to make sure that this blog is consistently updated and contains links to various website sections to purchase books and even contact authors. 

Even if it is not in the form of a consistently maintained blog, book publishers and other publishing houses need to upload content like interviews with authors and previews of new titles. The type of content that works best for book publishers is whatever their target audience finds engaging. Tandem’s SEO and digital marketing experts conduct keyword research and customer analysis to determine the direction of a content strategy. 

Marketing Ideas for Book Publishing

PPC Marketing for Book Publishers

PPC marketing for book publishers is the perfect shortcut for book publishers that want to enjoy high search engine ranking without spending a lot of time and effort crafting a content campaign. In this digital marketing for book publisher strategy, book publishers bid for the keywords that they believe that their target audience is using to find book publishers. These could be “book publishers in Fort Lauderdale” or “a book publishing company accepting submissions.” These keywords will change according to your target audience and what they are looking for. Obviously, a prospective author will input a different search query than someone who is looking for a new novel to read. Uncovering the keywords that your target audience is using requires a certain degree of research, and Tandem is here to help you design your campaigns. 

Social Media Marketing for Book Publishers

Social media marketing for book publishers should revolve around engaging readers and making yourself relevant. For example, many book publishers take advantage of Black History Month to showcase their African-American authors and books. This makes a book publisher appear more attuned to the sensibilities of their target audience while it also encourages people that feel strongly about these kinds of causes to purchase your books, in turn helping your cause.

Digital Marketing for Book Publishers

While extremely useful, digital marketing for book publishers is not encapsulated by traditional search engines and social media marketing. Tandem offers its clients a full suite of digital marketing services, which includes: 


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