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Digital Marketing for Hand Surgeons

Whenever someone injures their hands and requires surgery, they will look for the best surgeons available on the internet to heal them more quickly.


Growing Your Hand Surgery Practice

Someone’s hands are extremely important to them as they carry out their daily lives. Whether it be performing their jobs, driving a car, or fixing appliances at home, people who need hand surgery and treatment will do anything to find hand surgeons that can improve their quality of life. Logically, making sure that your practice is utilizing digital marketing for hand surgeons to appear on social media platforms and search engine results pages captures the attention of potential patients and drives them to your website, where they could complete a lead form and schedule an appointment. 

SEO for Hand Surgeons

Search engine optimization strategies for hand surgeons improve their rankings on search engine results pages when a potential patient searches for “hand plastic surgery” or “dislocated index finger.” Ranking for these keywords should be at the top of a hand surgeon’s list of concerns because they experience plenty of traffic from people willing to visit a health professional. Search engine optimization works by slowly improving the quality and reputation of a hand surgeon’s website, so a search engine makes it more visible to any potential customers. So, how can hand surgeons develop a more authoritative and high-quality website? The answer lies in link building and content creation. 

Social Media Marketing for Hand Surgeons

Social media marketing is an excellent way to showcase what your practice has to offer your potential patients. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter give hand surgeons the ability to upload photos and videos of their patients and the work that they have done in the past. Curating an attractive face to your practice is smoother with Tandem’s social media marketing experts. We offer cross-platform social media marketing strategies that utilize the benefits of multiple social media platforms to bring your practice into the spotlight.

What is Link Building and Content Creation for Hand Surgeons?

Link building is the process of garnering references from external websites in the form of links directing traffic to your content. Solid link-building strategies should focus on the quality of the inbound links rather than the number of websites referencing yours. So, if these “references” are coming from established sources like other hand surgeons or trade publications, they hold much more weight and are more likely to influence search engine rankings. 

To gather the highest number of quality links, hand surgeons need to ensure that their website’s content is on point. The content used in your digital marketing for hand surgeon efforts needs to be uploaded to your website and needs to be featured on your blog, and answer questions and concerns that your potential patients may have. Posts that detail how common hand injuries occur, along with the best way to treat them, are some solid examples of content that should be featured on your website. This kind of content is sure to be referenced by other medical sites that deal with hand injuries when they write their content since it would be authored by a medical professional. Further, include case studies that give a more academic outlook on hand surgery and your professional insight on specific ailments. If written correctly, hand surgeons are bound to experience more high-quality links pointing back to your website.


Digital Marketing for Hand Surgery Centers

Tandem offers its clients a full suite of digital marketing for hand surgeons’ strategies. Aside from search engine optimization and social media marketing, we offer our clients the following services:

  • PPC marketing for hand surgeons
  • Local SEO for hand surgeons
  • Reputation management for hand surgeons
  • Public relations for hand surgeons
  • Creative services for hand surgeons

Contact our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts today to learn more. 


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