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If you are in the personal finance industry and you are looking for new customers and an optimized online presence, Tandem has got you covered. Give us a buzz today to learn more about our digital marketing strategies.


Personal Finance and Digital Marketing

Personal finance firms typically focus on giving loans, mortgages, planning for retirement, and other services. These firms use digital marketing to find new clients and take advantage of the new era of hyperconnectivity that the internet era has introduced. Tandem’s digital marketing strategies like SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and landing page optimization can maximize your firm’s exposure on the internet. Give us a buzz today to learn more about how Tandem’s combination of paid and organic digital marketing strategies can increase the number of customers and traffic going to your website. This combined strategy leads to an increase in the number of people scheduling appointments and discovering more about how your firm can get them started on the road to financial freedom. 

Personal Finance SEO Marketing

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is considered the cornerstone of digital marketing. Like most other industries, the personal finance industry has customers whose first step in researching firms is searching for them on search engines. In an age where useful information is available to them with unprecedented rapidity, your potential customers are less likely to navigate to your website if your website is not ranked highly on search engine results pages. So how does Tandem improve your ranking on search engines using SEO? This digital marketing strategy is characterized by a wide umbrella of different techniques, each of them relating to your website being more relevant to Google’s algorithm. One of the principal techniques is utilizing keyword research and creating content with these keywords.  

Tandem’s search engine optimization team can craft engaging content that explains the ins and outs of personal finance, from the benefits of investing in index funds or the effects of compound interest on investments. Aside from ensuring that the content is working to help your ranking, our team makes content that your clients find useful, increasing the chances of recurring visitors. When it comes to their financial future, people want to be informed about the benefits of investing with your firm. There is no better way to illustrate these advantages for your customers than maintaining a consistent and high-quality blog and other content like infographics and videos about the principles of personal finance. 


Your Digital Marketing Toolbox

 Personal Finance PPC Marketing

While SEO marketing works to organically increase your presence on search engines, PPC, or pay-per-click, marketing is a paid strategy that improves search engine visibility. Like SEO, this digital marketing technique relies on keywords that your potential customers use when they look for financial advisors. These keywords could be “mortgage advice” or “financial advisors near me.” Our PPC specialists know the exact combination of keywords your potential customers are using and use the correct amount of spend to ensure that they populate the most visible portions of paid advertising space.


Firms use PPC marketing in their digital marketing strategies to increase visibility by appearing on a search engine’s paid advertising space. While SEO strategies require time and momentum to fully materialize, PPC strategies are effective almost immediately. Our PPC specialists consistently monitor, report, and track PPC campaigns, effectively making PPC campaigns successful and reliable.


Personal Finance Social Media Marketing

No digital marketing campaign is complete without a foundation of social media marketing. Social media marketing is an opportunity for your firm to share attractive content and showcase the knowledge that you have accrued over the years. If your social media profiles effectively showcase knowledge, then customers looking for advice on their personal finances will refer to your pages to learn more about how to manage their wealth. This influx of repeat visitors to your social media pages usually translates to more visitors to your website, which increases the possibilities that they “convert” and your firm experiences an uptick in revenue. Our social media worker bees are experienced in crafting this educational and engaging content and performing outreach strategies that increase your customer awareness. 


How Tandem Can Help You

Tandem is a Fort Lauderdale based digital marketing agency dedicated to growing your business’ online presence. Connect with the Tandem hive to learn all about how digital marketing can help your business!

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