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Commercial finance firms need to utilize digital marketing to maximize their online presence. Tandem’s team can assist your business with whatever goal it may have to craft a winning corporate finance digital marketing campaign. Give us a buzz today to learn more.


Commercial Finance and Digital Marketing

Commercial finance firms provide funds for businesses and help finance the sale of a company’s products to its consumers. For commercial finance firms, marketing to potential customers is essential to ensure that your business is still afloat. While it may pay to use traditional marketing methods, is your commercial finance firm using digital marketing in its marketing plans?

Since the marketing world has broken into the digital age, it has never been easier for commercial finance firms to connect with customers and increase the traffic going into their websites. Tandem’s years of experience in the digital marketing world have made us an excellent partner for commercial finance firms. Our full suite of digital marketing strategies includes search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and social media marketing, among many others.


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Commercial Finance SEO

Search engine optimization is a commercial finance digital marketing strategy whose wide umbrella consists of writing relevant content and optimizing a website for peak performance, among many other things. All these techniques are used to make websites rank higher on a search engine’s organic search results, which increases the amount of traffic from qualified customers flooding into your website. Being a multi-faceted area of digital marketing, finding the correct strategy for your firm can be a headache for your business. Tandem’s SEO team can help your business find the perfect strategy according to the unique goals you have for your business. Whether it be increasing your firm’s online reputation, search engine rankings, or educating potential clients on the workings of commercial finance, Tandem has got you covered. 

Commercial Finance PPC

Pay-per-click marketing is a paid commercial finance digital marketing strategy that appears on various online platforms, most popularly search engines like Google or Bing. If you picture a regular search engine results page, the paid advertisements are placed under the search bar and above the organic search results. Developing a PPC strategy requires establishing a delicate balance between a predetermined budget and the correct search terms and phrases. Our PPC specialists develop, monitor, and track pay-per-click campaigns that drive your target audience from search engines into your website. 

Much like search engine optimization, PPC marketing uses high-demand keywords to capture the attention of potential customers. These keywords should relate to what people looking for commercial finance services are looking for. These could be “commercial finance companies in Miami” or “commercial business loans.” If a firm integrates these keywords in their paid and organic strategy, they kill two birds with one stone.

Commercial Finance Email Marketing

Email is one of the most established commercial finance digital marketing channels. This digital marketing strategy effectively increases initial brand awareness and leads customers down your marketing funnel.

Another important advantage of email marketing is that it helps build a firm’s credibility in customers’ eyes. A commercial finance firm can best use email marketing by sending personalized and engaging emails to potential clients. These emails make it more likely for potential clients to learn more about your business and make them more interested in becoming long-term partners. Our email marketing team is experienced in crafting engaging and effective email campaigns for our varied clientele. You can read more about email marketing and its benefits here


Interested In Partnering With Tandem?

While the previously mentioned commercial finance digital marketing strategies are sure to flood your website or landing page with qualified customers effectively, our boutique digital marketing agency has plenty more to offer. We offer our clients services ranging from landing page optimization, reputation management, and video marketing. Give our agency a buzz today to learn more.

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