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Digital Marketing for Theatrical Agents

Digital marketing for theatrical agents is the new way to get your agency to the next stage by using the internet! Continue reading to learn more!


Digitally Market Your Agency

Theatrical agents play an interesting role in the entertainment industry. They are continuously looking for talent to add to their roster while also trying to convince production companies to give their newest addition a shot in the business. Theatrical agents connect up-and-coming actors with production companies that are in the market for new talent. Digital marketing for theatrical agents strategies, such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, and direct email marketing, could be used to influence both types of customers those theatrical agents are looking to influence. Tandem’s Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts could craft strategies that capture the attention of talent, production companies, or both. Continue reading below or contact our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts today to learn more. 


Opportunities for Your Agency Online

SEO for Theatrical Agents

If you are not visible to people looking for theatrical agents, then how do you expect to capture the attention of people who need the help of a theatrical agent? Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a digital marketing for theatrical agent strategy that improves a website’s placement on a search engine results page. The higher the placement on a search engine results page, the more likely a potential customer is to visit your website and fill out lead forms or contact you for more information. 

A theatrical agent’s website should be viewed as your business’s window to the outside world. As such, it needs to be visually appealing and easy to navigate. Tandem’s SEO experts understand this facet of the modern consumer and create websites that appeal to them to be more inclined to read your blog. Theatrical agents need to keep a blog to showcase their expertise in the field. Most clients want to use the services of theatrical agents who have the most experience in the industry. A blog where you answer common questions or detail your past experiences is an excellent way to build credibility so your readers could trust you as their theatrical agent. Answering questions like the benefits of using an agent, what theater production companies look for in talent, and how to evaluate offers are all excellent ideas for building a content strategy. 

Social Media Marketing for Theatrical Agents

Much like their websites, theatrical agents need to view their social accounts as windows into their business. Actors and production companies only want to work with the most reputable companies, and social media marketing platforms like Instagram and Facebook are excellent places to brand your practice as a reputable business. By showcasing your top talent and the kinds of works that they have participated in, it lets the people viewing your profiles know the caliber of service you provide. If the content that you upload is professionally shot and edited, it is much more likely to give a good first impression. Giving a good first impression is an excellent way to organically grow your following thanks to your current followers sharing your content with their followers. Our worker bees leverage Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to craft a well-rounded social media marketing strategy. 

Email Marketing for Theatrical Agents

Email marketing is an inexpensive and effective digital marketing for theatrical agent strategy. Theatrical agents need to use the different kinds of digital marketing services like search engines and social media to drive their potential clients into their landing pages, where they will input their email addresses and which stage of the customer journey they are in. With this information, a theatrical agent could curate personalized marketing messages to these people by changing the subject line and body of the email. To illustrate, if a theatrical agent’s landing page captures the attention of a production company that has been redirected from social media pages, your subject line should reflect this information.


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