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Digital Marketing for Talent Agents and Managers

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Talent Agents and Managers: Marketing Digitally

Talent agents and managers need to realize that potential clients are on the internet and that reaching them is easier than ever. A well-balanced digital marketing campaign that hits customers through search engines and social media is proven to reach customers and attract new clients to the agency. Modern customers and new talent conduct research on the internet before they consider partnering with an agency. Tandem’s digital marketing for talent agents and managers ensures that your agency is getting exposure on the internet through search engine optimization for talent agents and managers, PPC marketing, and social media marketing, among many others. Specifically, our boutique digital marketing agency designs effective digital marketing campaigns for:

  •         Sports agents
  •         Literary agents
  •         Broadcast journalist agents
  •         Commercial agents
  •         Theatrical agents
  •         Modeling agencies
  •         Music managers

How Can a Talent Agency or Manager Use Search Engine Optimization?

Whenever a client or third party is looking for the assistance of a talent agency or manager, they use search engines to conduct their initial search. Once they input their inquiry into a search query, they are presented with the most relevant websites. Being within the first few “organic” search results adds credibility to your business in the eyes of potential clients. Searchers will rarely look past the first few results when they conduct their research.


Tandem's Digital Marketing Tools

 How Does Tandem Make Your Website Relevant to Search Engines Using Search Engine Optimization?

A search engine’s business model revolves around searchers relying on them to find the information, product, or service that they need. So, the most popular search engines (Google and Bing) spend a significant amount of effort refining their search algorithms and then present their customers with the highest quality websites. Plenty of factors make a website relevant and high quality, but the most popular and manipulable ones are keyword research and implementation, and website optimization.

Keyword research and implementation bleed into content creation. Keywords are the popular words and phrases that people are looking for, such as talent managers and agents, when searching for them on search engines. These could be “best sports agencies,” “best modeling agencies near me,” or “how to choose the best music manager in Nashville.” Our SEO experts conduct dedicated research to discover the keywords that your potential customers are using to later implement them into your digital marketing for talent agents and managers’ strategies. Once we find out what your potential customers are using to find you, we design a content strategy that balances proper keyword implementation and relevant topics. These topics could be presented in the form of blog posts, web pages, and infographics. When a search engine performs a crawl, it will recognize your website as relevant during this search, which will push your website to the most visible portions of a results page.

What Is PPC Marketing?

As with SEO, PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a popular digital marketing technique used in searches for talent agents and managers. However, with PPC, only keyword research and a budget are needed to use in this digital marketing for talent agents and managers’ strategy. Talent managers and agents that use PPC marketing for talent agents and managers occupy a search engine’s paid advertising space. Since this is located directly under the search bar, your potential clients are sure to notice your website before they see your competitor’s website or landing page. Bidding for placement can be a relatively complicated process, requiring a dedicated account manager. Tandem’s PPC campaigns are consistently tracked, reported, and monitored, ensuring that they are always at their most effective.

How Can a Talent Agency or Manager Use Social Media Marketing?

An agency’s brand is an important differentiating factor in the face of a highly competitive industry. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn are the best vehicles for showcasing attractive photos and videos to your potential customers. Customers use a talent agency’s social media presence to decide which agency they want to partner with. Each social media platform presents different advantages to businesses. Having a surface-level interaction with the agencies that they want to partner with is essential to modern customers. For this reason, utilizing a social media site that is heavily photo and video-centric is an excellent way to showcase the talent that is currently on your roster, give tours of your office, and introduce your staff. Tandem’s social media team is prepared to assist you in navigating the world of social media marketing for talent agents and managers.


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