Digital Marketing for The Film Industry

Businesses that compete in the film industry are not exempt from needing to leverage digital marketing to win more customers and increase their revenue. Tandem’s film industry digital marketing strategies are here to help your business reach new heights.


Marketing for The Film Industry

The film industry is particularly important in California, where Los Angeles represents a worldwide hub for filmmaking. However, just because a business is not located in the Golden State does not mean that they cannot make successful films. In fact, some states, such as Georgia, offer tax credits to companies that do their film or television production in their state. With the introduction of the internet and the ability it has given viewers to discover and consume new films, film producers – whether they focus on movies or television – can show their works to people all over the country and the world. By using online platforms and digital marketing for the film industry, promoting your work is easier than ever. In days past, the only platforms that film producers used to promote their films were trailers on television or traditional advertisements. Now, digital marketing strategies that film producers use include SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and many others. Our boutique digital marketing agency has the skills necessary to help your new movie or TV business reach the people it needs to remain relevant.  Give us a buzz today to learn more.


The Toolkit for Digital Marketing

Film Industry SEO

Search engine optimization for the film industry is a crucial component of modern marketing techniques, especially in an industry such as the film industry. Tandem uses proven SEO strategies to help websites rank higher on search engine results pages. Tandem’s strategies to improve a website’s ranking include implementing high-demand keywords and phrases, link building, and socializing content. Below there is a more detailed explanation of how each previously mentioned facet of SEO improves your ranking.

  •         High-demand keywords and phrases are used throughout a website’s content to assist a search engine in recognizing its relevance. If your website is riddled with high-demand keywords that your potential viewers are using, Google or Bing will push your website near the top of a search engine results page, also called the SERP. For the film industry, these keywords could be related to an upcoming film festival or trade show.
  •         Valuable link building in the film industry is done with links and references from film critics and ticket hubs. If a website receives valuable links from reputable sources, a search engine will recognize this credibility and make you more visible to potential customers.
  •         Content socialization is an SEO strategy that includes sharing the new content that you post on your website through your social media channels. Content socialization works by attracting new people to your website and leads them to read your content. Here, your potential customers find themselves on your website and make them more likely to watch one of your movies or use one of your services.

The film industry is also full of people working behind the scenes. These include writers, production companies, broadcast companies, and distribution businesses. Therefore, having a higher placement on search engines can make the difference between a client partnering with you or them going to your competitor.

Film Industry PPC

When paired with organic digital marketing strategies or used by itself, film industry PPC campaigns boost a website’s visibility. Our pay-per-click specialists create winning campaigns for various clients. Digital marketing works best when qualified customers connect with businesses whose products or services they need. Fortunately for you, Tandem’s film industry digital marketing and PPC campaigns connect film businesses with clients who need their services via Google’s paid advertising space. 

Paid search engine marketing like PPC is a perfect complement to search engine optimization. However, rather than meticulously crafting an organic search engine presence, our PPC specialists place your website in front of qualified customers using a pay-per-click campaign and without having to perform any of the facets of search engine optimization mentioned above.

Film Industry Social Media Marketing

Operating in an industry that relies heavily on visuals means that social media should be your best friend. Businesses in this industry can leverage social media into their film industry digital marketing strategies to share content that entices potential viewers or investors to invest in their projects. Tandem’s social media marketing team works to make an attractive social media presence, so connecting with customers is easier than ever before. 

Social media marketing for the film industry is also a crucial part of the content socialization mentioned above. An engaging film trailer or interview is the perfect way to usher a viewer into your website. This influx of traffic could increase the rate of ticket sales and downloads from your website.


Film Industry Local SEO

If your film business is more concentrated on a local niche, local SEO for the film industry should be a foundational element in your film industry’s digital marketing strategy. Local SEO’s principal advantage lies in increasing your online appearance using local directories, Google Maps, brand outreach, and other strategies. Consumers are increasingly focused on finding what they are searching for instantaneously. Our local SEO experts know how to utilize geo-targeted keywords and phrases that attract local clientele and grow film businesses. Local SEO is especially useful if you take part in local film festivals, which are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Here, local customers are much more likely to see your local film festival or event on search engines, which makes them more inclined to visit.



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