Digital Marketing for Events

Event spaces and other event-centered businesses need to utilize digital marketing to magnify their brand in the eyes of potential customers. Give Tandem a buzz today to learn more about our event digital marketing strategies.


Promoting Your Event Spaces Digitally

No matter the industry that your company competes in, it needs to utilize digital marketing to spread the word of the business through online platforms like social media and search engines to remain relevant. The need for digital marketing is especially true in the event industry, where people rely on the internet to discover more about events, purchase tickets, or view content related to an event or event space that they are going to. Tandem’s event digital marketing strategies help event spaces, rentals, and even performers reach their target audience through SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and many other methods. Our combination of paid and organic services will maximize your relevance online, resulting in increased web traffic to your website and revenue. 

Search Engine Optimization

A business that operates in the event industry should know that search engines are extremely useful tools for getting your event, artist, or rental discovered by curious customers. People interested in finding activities near them almost always use search engines to locate or learn more about these events. Our experts optimize content and comb through your website to ensure that Google or Bing’s algorithm recognizes your website as relevant to a user’s search using search engine optimization best practices.

For example, if you are hosting a New Year’s event, we can curate a content strategy that caters to a consumer’s inclination to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a venue with their friends and family. Utilizing a curated content strategy and website optimization makes your website more relevant to Google’s algorithm, pushing it towards the top of search engine results pages. 

Unique Opportunities for Events

 PPC for Events

Pay-per-click marketing is digital marketing for events strategy that looks to take advantage of Google’s and Bing’s paid advertising spaces. Their advertising spaces are located directly under the search bar but above the organic search results. Another advantage that PPC marketing has is that of high placement, allowing results to be seen almost immediately. Our PPC specialists balance your budget, the results you wish to obtain, and the right keywords to ensure that your event space or other event business occupies the paid advertising space on a search engine. These keywords could be the same as those used in search engine optimization or slightly different depending on the demographic that you wish to target. Paid search engine marketing strategies are best used in combination with organic search strategies so that a two-pronged search engine presence raises the chances that a potential customer visits your event.

 Social Media Marketing for Events

Since this industry is heavily reliant on visuals and previous performances, social media marketing is imperative. Our social media team can create a content strategy that captivates your target audience and encourages them to spend their time in their event space. Aside from crafting content, our Tandem’s social media team conducts outreach campaigns. These outreach campaigns grow your following and can even open the door for future partnerships. Our social media marketing for events assists your business:

  •         Educating potential customers on upcoming events.
  •         Establish a rapport with potential customers and event-goers.
  •         Build a strong following among social media users. 

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