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Digital marketing for event performers is the best way to use the internet to make your performance a smash!


Event Performers and Digital Marketing

Event performers include many kinds of performance artists that offer various forms of entertainment, like dancers, musicians, and singers. People or organizations that organize events rely on event performers to breathe life into the function and equally rely on the internet and online platforms to connect with them. Modern technology has made it possible for performers to showcase their skills to the outside world. Whether these be tango dancers, cover bands, or stand-up comedians, they need to have their own website content and social media accounts to advertise their business. Tandem’s digital marketing for event performer strategies accomplishes both goals, no matter what kind of performance you offer. 

Opportunities Online

 Search Engine Optimization for Event Performers

As mentioned above, event performers need to have engaging websites so that venues or other people interested in event performers could easily book appointments or ask for more information. An event performer’s website needs to be easy to navigate and to find information while including content that potential customers find interesting. Some ideas for content that event performers could use are blog posts or web pages that detail the performance history if it is based on cultural events or even short biographies on the performers. 

This engaging content is what aids search engine optimization efforts. Search engine optimization, or SEO, improves a website and makes it more visible on search engine results pages when customers search for the services that you offer. To illustrate, a tango performance duo would like to rank on searches for “tango performers Miami.” They would write engaging content that includes these keywords and post it on their website, so when someone searches for these keywords, they find their website before any competitors. Once on the website, potential customers could quickly and easily contact the duo or reserve their services. 

Social Media Marketing for Event Performers

Like the content on their websites, event performers need to utilize social media marketing to showcase the performances they offer. There are various social media programs that event performers need to use, but the most pertinent platforms are Instagram and Facebook. In digital marketing for event performer campaigns, these social media websites present different advantages.

In Facebook marketing, event performers could regularly update their performance schedule and even share photos and videos of their past performances. Also, Facebook’s group feature makes it possible for event performers to curate their own collection of followers where they could freely discuss past performances and even receive instant updates on them. 

Instagram marketing is also an extremely popular digital marketing for event performance strategy. With Instagram marketing, event performers could share with thousands of followers some photos and videos that essentially serve to advertise their performances. These photos and videos should be expertly shot and edited to be attractive to any potential customers. This kind of marketing content makes it more possible for potential customers to view your performance in a positive light and purchase your service. 


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