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Performance venues are a meeting place for all. Get those people to your venue by using digital marketing services.


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Performance venues are lauded by many as great places to spend free time or to take someone for a memorable night out. Specifically, these venues include concert halls, theaters, and other locations where live performances are the main attraction. Performance venue digital marketing is proven to help connect people looking for live performances and the venues that sponsor them. Most of a prospective customer’s search and purchases are conducted online, which means that your performance venue needs to be using digital marketing to avoid obsolescence. You need to take advantage of modern customers’ inclination towards using search engines, websites, and social media to discover, purchase, and learn more about live venues. By doing so, your performance venue can reach new customers and increase the number of bookings on its website. 

Which Performance Venue Digital Marketing Strategies Does Tandem Use?

Tandem’s performance venue digital marketing strategies are designed for performance venues to reach their potential customers on the online platforms that they use the most, including on search engines and social media. By using search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing, your performance venue will be able to encourage audiences to walk through your doors and enjoy the performances that you sponsor. 

The Right Strategies For You

Performance Venue SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the principal digital marketing strategies that digital marketers use to influence search engine results. Search engines, including Google and Bing, are often the first resources that someone interested in catching a live performance uses to find the performances that interest them the most. Search engine optimization ensures that your business’s website is among the top search results when someone searches for a concert hall, theater, or other live performances near them. 

A unique advantage that search engine optimization presents to performance venues is the fact that enjoying a high listing does not require paying a search engine. Instead, a search engine will rank a website higher if it presents value to searchers. If a search engine deems your website relevant to a user’s search query, it will make it more visible to them when they search for performance venues that provide the best shows for them. 

So, what are some of the primary factors that Google considers when determining a website’s relevance? Below is a list of some factors that search engines could use to determine a ranking:

  •         Keywords – Users search for performance venues by inputting a similar combination of keywords. Tandem’s experts have the skills to discover these keywords and implement them in a way that is useful to your target audience.
  •         Link building – Links going into your website are important in determining your placement on search engines because they are essential towards building the credibility that your website has. Bonus points if links come from a related source like a band or traveling musical group.
  •         Website user-friendliness – Google’s competitive advantage lies in its usefulness to users. If a website is responsive to multiple devices and easy to use, a search engine’s algorithm will naturally make it more visible to searchers. 

Performance Venue PPC

When it comes to search engine marketing, it is recommended that you balance your organic strategies such as SEO with paid strategies like PPC marketing. PPC marketing is a performance venue digital marketing strategy that allows venues to bid for a search engine’s paid advertising space, which is placed under the search bar but above organic search results. Unlike search engine optimization, a PPC strategy provides results more quickly. In simple terms, PPC advertisements help you rank for the keywords that you choose to bid on. The search engine will then select the correct combination of keywords and bidding amount to determine the placement that a website receives. 

Local SEO for Performance Venues

Live performance venues usually attract customers that are in a similar location as the venue. Local SEO is a performance venue digital marketing campaign that works to connect venues with local searchers. If someone is looking to enjoy a live performance in a city lauded for its live music like Nashville, this person will search “live music in Nashville” or “live music venues in Nashville.” The user who searched for this would later be introduced to a local search directory where your address, phone number, and the website would be available to them.

Social Media Marketing for Performance Venues

Social media marketing is a valuable tool for performance venues because modern customers are becoming increasingly reliant on visuals when they decide which performance locations to visit. If a potential patron sees content exemplifying that your performance venue showcases happy customers and enjoyable shows, they will be more inclined to check out your performance venue. Social media is also a way for your performance venue to reach out to potential customers and engage with them to turn them into followers.


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What Other Performance Venue Digital Marketing Services Does Tandem Provide?

Being a boutique digital marketing agency, Tandem offers plenty more digital marketing services. Aside from those mentioned above, our worker bees also offer:

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