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Digital Marketing for Oil and Gas Companies

Is your oil and gas company using digital marketing to expand? Tandem’s worker bees can create a digital marketing strategy that helps you capture your customers and differentiate yourself from your competition.


Marketing Your Oil or Gas Company Online

No one needs to tell you that the oil and gas industry is a competitive one. A great way to stay one step ahead of your competition is by taking advantage of oil and gas digital marketing. One of the reasons that digital marketing strategies like what Tandem offers to its various clients represent a crucial differentiating factor for oil and gas companies is because it reaches potential clients on the internet, which is where most initial research is conducted. Some of the digital marketing strategies that Tandem’s worker bees use to differentiate your business and reach qualified customers include SEO, PPC, and social media marketing, among many others. Give us a buzz today to learn more. 


Levels of Digital Marketing for Your Business

 Oil and Gas SEO

Every oil and gas company has a website, but are you more visible to customers than your competitor’s? If your website is more visible to a potential customer’s Google or Bing or searches, the chances that they visit your website and complete a purchase or ask for more information are much higher. Search engine optimization is an oil and gas digital marketing strategy where businesses improve their website ranking by making a search engine’s algorithm recognize their website as relevant. Our SEO experts do this by creating content such as blog posts and web pages for your website that are optimized for the keywords and phrases that your customers typically use to search for gas and oil companies to partner with. Aside from creating engaging and relevant content catering to what a customer is searching for on search engines, our team also combs the backend of your website to ensure that your website is user-friendly. User-friendliness and link building are important factors in the search engine optimization strategy that Tandem’s SEO experts implement in our oil and gas SEO strategies. 

Oil and Gas PPC

Much like search engine optimization, PPC marketing is a kind of advertising that allows you to focus on your target audience based on keywords they are using to look for the products you provide. However, instead of the effort that building an organic search presence requires, PPC marketing works much quicker. By placing bids on the clicks that you receive, your business can be placed on the most visible portions of a search engine results page, most likely near the top. Our experts balance your budget, the keywords you want to rank for, and your business’s goals to provide you with a winning paid search engine marketing strategy. PPC is best used in combination with SEO so companies can balance paid and organic strategies into their oil and gas digital marketing strategies. 

Oil and Gas Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an important piece of the oil and gas digital marketing puzzle. With social media, your oil company would be able to share content that resonates with potential customers. If someone on social media platforms sees your content and it is catered towards them, the possibility that they visit your website or consider purchasing your product increases.

Oil and gas companies can use social media marketing to perform reputation management as well. By combining photos, videos, and interesting captions on their social media posts, an oil and gas company can improve its standing with its potential customers. Our social media marketing team constructs content calendars according to whatever your business’s goals may be.

Oil and Gas Email Marketing

Email marketing is a popular tactic because it is a cost-effective facet of oil and gas digital marketing. The extensive reach and personalization that this tactic gives oil and gas companies is another reason your oil and gas company should strongly consider using email marketing in their oil and gas digital marketing strategy. Tandem personalizes your email marketing campaigns depending on where customers find themselves in the customer journey, which increases their chances of converting to a reliable customer. 



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