Digital Marketing for Coal

If you are in the coal industry, you need to begin using digital marketing to reach your target demographic more effectively. Fortunately for you, Tandem can help you achieve an increased influx of customers flooding your business.

Businesses that produce coal, like most companies, are looking to get more paying customers. The good news is that digital marketing for coal businesses has made reaching customers as easy as ever. Customers are using online platforms like search engines and social media to find the coal business they need to partner with. If your company does not try to reach its customers on these platforms, it runs the risk of becoming obsolete compared to your competition. Digital marketing for coal business strategies, such as those that Tandem offers, is a great way to reach customers where they are the most. Our combination of paid and organic search strategies includes SEO, PPC, and social media marketing, among many others.


SEO for Coal Businesses

Search engine optimization for coal businesses helps your coal business attract customers by being one of the first search engine results they see when searching for the products you serve. The rationale behind spending time and resources is to improve your ranking on search engine results pages. When your business is ranked higher on search engines, potential customers are more likely to visit your website and complete a purchase. Our SEO team curates engaging and relevant content that kills two birds with one stone. First, your customers will find your website’s content valuable and useful for future searches. While customers finding this valuable content leads to them going back to learn more, the second benefit is that SEO uses Google’s algorithm to make your website as visible as possible to potential customers. Some topics that your coal mining business can implement in its SEO strategy are those that pertain to popular questions that your potential customers are using. These could be questions about environmental impact or the correct way to choose which coal supplier to partner with. Tandem’s SEO team expertly crafts content calendars that resonate with customers.

PPC for Coal Businesses

While organic search engine marketing strategies like SEO are incredibly useful facets of digital marketing for coal businesses, sometimes you need to include some paid strategies into your digital marketing for coal businesses strategies. PPC campaigns for coal businesses allow coal businesses to place bids on specific keywords that prospective customers use to search for your business. A valuable aspect of PPC marketing campaigns is that they are easily trackable and can be tweaked with ease, ensuring their effectiveness. Our PPC specialists tailor their campaigns according to whatever specific goals that your business may have. Tandem’s worker bees can re-target previous customers, target new ones, or target local customers, among many other things. Like SEO, PPC strategies rely on keyword research to work at their full capacity. For coal mining businesses, these keywords could be “coal suppliers in West Virginia” or “how to choose a coal mining business to partner with.”


Marketing for Energy & Coal

Social Media Marketing for Coal Businesses

Social media marketing for coal businesses is an essential facet of digital marketing for coal businesses. Digital platforms allow companies like yours to showcase engaging content and connect with current and potential customers. If your content is engaging enough, potential customers or other interested parties will share it with their followers. Your profile on LinkedIn will generally have plenty of followers. Whenever you post something that resonates with your connections (like what steps your business is taking towards environmental sustainability), they will share it with their connections, thus increasing your reach.

Tandem understands that social media is best viewed as a means of communication between a business and its customers. This communication is the best way to adjust your efforts to best market towards your target customers.

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Being a boutique digital marketing agency, Tandem offers plenty of other coal business digital marketing techniques. Our other digital marketing services include landing page optimization, reputation management, video marketing, and creative services, among many others. Give us a buzz today to learn more.

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