Digital Marketing for Mining

Mining businesses are just like any other business in that they need to attract new clients in order to maintain their success. Tandem’s digital marketing for the mining business strategies are what your mining company needs to maintain relevance in today’s digital world.


Marketing Your Mining Company Online

Could your mining company use more help in its marketing efforts to garner the attention of more clients? Digital marketing might be the answer you are looking for. Through Tandem’s digital marketing for mining businesses, your gold, zinc, titanium, nickel, or potassium mining business can reach the clients it needs to maintain its success. Tandem offers its clients in the mining industry the tools it needs to grow its online presence. Once an online presence is grown, it is much easier to attract clients. Our worker bees achieve this by increasing your company’s presence on search engines and social media, funneling qualified customers into your website.

How Does Tandem Improve A Mining Business’s Presence on Search Engines?

Search engines are an effective digital marketing method for mining businesses because potential clients use search engines to find the companies they want to partner with. The most popular search engine marketing methods are search engine optimization and PPC marketing.


Digital Marketing Tactics for Your Business

 What Is Search Engine Optimization for Mining Businesses?

The purpose of search engine marketing is to make it easy for your potential customers to find your business on search engines. Search engine optimization for mining businesses is a search engine marketing strategy that boosts a website’s visibility on search engines by uploading SEO-friendly content onto websites, link building, and optimizing websites for maximum user-friendliness.

  •         SEO-friendly content is content that is relevant to potential customers along with including high-demand keywords. High-demand keywords are those that your potential customers are utilizing to find your business. For example, for your mining company, these could be “potassium mines near me” or “titanium mining near me.” Our SEO team has vast experience crafting web content that cleverly includes these keywords, in addition to educating customers on the workings of the mining industry.
  •         Links are regarded as the currency of the internet. If you have reputable websites referencing yours, a search engine’s algorithm will recognize your website as a high-quality source and make it more visible to customers. Our team looks to build a rapport with high-quality websites to accomplish this.
  •         Website optimization aims to improve the performance of a website to boost user-friendliness. Website optimization tactics that are commonly used include improving website responsiveness and the ease that visitors find relevant information. Google and Bing want to connect searchers with the highest quality websites available. Our worker bees work to ensure that yours is exceptionally high-quality.

What is PPC Marketing for Mining Businesses?

PPC stands for pay-per-click marketing. PPC marketing for mining businesses, like SEO, improves the visibility of a website on search engine results pages. However, websites that take advantage of PPC occupy a website’s advertising space. By utilizing a combination of bidding and high-demand keywords, your business will be placed directly under the search bar and above organic search results. As this is denoted as an advertisement, a company only pays for these advertisements when a potential customer navigates onto the website from these advertisements. PPC ads are best used in combination with organic search methods like SEO to take advantage of both the credibility and effectiveness of their offer.

Social Media Marketing for Mining Businesses

Social media can be used in digital marketing for mining businesses to engage potential customers and perform outreach strategies to gain the attention of new customers. Social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn are perfect platforms to showcase content that speaks to customers and attracts them to your website. Like SEO, your social media content can also work to educate your customers on your business/industry and address any relevant concerns that they may have, like your business’s environmental impact. For example, a potassium mine could use the ability to share photos and videos to give tours of mines and even interviews with staff. This adds a human element to your business that is hard to replicate without the power of photos and video.


Interested In Partnering with Tandem?

We are a boutique digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale. Our digital marketing for mining businesses includes those previously mentioned above, plus we also offer reputation management, landing page optimization, and email marketing. You can view our full suite of services here or contact our worker bees to learn more.

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