Summertime Programs & Camps

Digital Marketing for Summer Programs

Online marketing for summertime programs and camps is a great way to reach parents looking to send their children to these programs or even reach the adults who themselves are looking to enroll.


Marketing for Summer Camps

Summertime programs and camps have been staples of youth growing experiences for decades. They have been able to teach children fundamental lessons in confidence, survival skills, bonding, and much more! In recent years it has even been a movement of these same experiences aimed at adults. These camps aim to recapture the joy of childhood and perhaps also aim to re-teach adults what they learned at similar camps in their youth. Needless to say, people love these programs, but how does a program reach those wanting to enroll?

SEO for Summertime Programs and Camps

Today, nearly everybody is a daily user of the internet. They use it to watch their favorite shows, work in the office or at home, and they use it to discover new experiences. A summertime program or camp looking to boost its enrollment needs to look at digital marketing as its greatest asset in this hunt. Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, strategies are online processes that are designed to make your program stand out to potential clients immediately. SEO does this by using a combination of tools like keyword research and optimization, website refreshing, and link-building with other sites. Using these strategies correctly is something a dedicated SEO team, such as the one at Tandem, can do to make your website’s ranking within search engines improve. 

What does improving your ranking do? Improving your ranking within platforms will make your website’s visibility and credibility to consumers sky-rocket by pushing it to the top of search pages when certain keywords or phrases are input into the engine. Why is this important? For a variety of reasons! Having an optimized web presence makes users have a more enjoyable experience on your site and is proven to lead to more visits, as well. Think about it – when was the last time you went to the fourth or fifth page of Google search results for anything?


Social Media for Summer Programs

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Your potential clientele is most likely using social media. Social platforms have become a phenomenon in the past few decades that your program needs to use in order to reach as many enrollment hopefuls as possible. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok, you can promote your activities and locations in attention-grabbing ways that are sure to entice people in a way that other forms of online marketing simply cannot.

Although the concept may seem straightforward, the execution is not. Tracking metrics, adjusting posting times, and improving content in areas that need it is exactly what social media professionals are trained to do in order to maximize potential reach on these platforms. The dedicated social media team at Tandem has the expertise needed to make your summertime program jump to the front of people’s feeds and minds. Make use of all the tools and marketing tactics at your service. Contact the busy bees today to learn more!


How Tandem Can Help

In addition to being expert digital marketers, our bees have robust knowledge in business management, ROI consulting, and more. Learn how partnering with our agency can help grow your summertime program enrollments and build lifetime value to your brand.


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