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Digital Marketing for SAT and ACT Test Prep Courses

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Market Your Courses Digitally

For students who are just graduating high school and looking to further their education, the SAT and ACT are pivotal exams that can influence their future. Since these standardized exams are such a foundational part of the higher education process, students who signed up for these exams heavily research the best study methods and even tutors to help them out. Tandem’s digital marketing for SAT and ACT test prep classes ensures that your team is making its presence felt on search engines and other online platforms. Making sure that your prep courses are visible on these platforms is necessary in today’s digital world. Below, our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts will detail how your prep courses could use various marketing strategies to accomplish different goals. 

SEO for SAT and ACT Prep Courses

Search engine optimization is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies used by test prep course providers. SEO makes sure that their websites are visible when their potential students search for “SAT prep courses in Miami” or “ACT prep courses in Los Angeles.” Using keywords that many people search for regularly ensures that your test prep course or service is among the most visible and is an excellent way to funnel loads of qualified traffic into your website.


The best way to utilize search engine optimization is to make sure that your website is a valuable resource for your potential customers. A valuable resource for people looking into SAT and ACT prep courses is to upload content that describes the intricacies of the test and how to best prepare for it. This kind of content is useful to high school students and their parents. It positions your course as a credible resource, making search engines elevate your position on search engine results pages. By performing keyword research and writing engaging content that utilizes them, your test prep course is sure to experience an increase in traffic flowing into your website. 

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 PPC Marketing for SAT and ACT Prep Courses

PPC marketing is another search engine marketing strategy used by test prep courses to make themselves more visible on search engine results pages. In PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, prep courses bid for space on a search engine results page by competing for high-demand keywords. These keywords are commonly used by high school students or their parents when they want to look for prep courses. When the keywords that an SAT or ACT prep course chooses accurately reflect the needs of their target audience and are powered by the correct bidding amount, they will populate the paid advertising space of a search engine results page. 

Social Media Marketing for SAT and ACT Prep Courses

Social media marketing needs to be used in digital marketing for SAT and ACT Prep courses because their target audience is continually active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. A prep course needs to ensure that their presence on social media platforms is educational and engaging, like their search engine optimization strategies. Students are more inclined to sign up for test prep courses if they feel that this course will help them succeed. 

Some good ideas for your course’s social media campaigns are to upload statistics on passing rates for students in your programs or helpful tips for the different sections of the standardized test. Further, interacting with important people in the prep course industry like other tutors or teachers helps organically grow your presence, so more people view your profile’s content. 


How Tandem Can Help You

Tandem’s Digital Marketing for SAT and ACT Prep Courses 

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing industry with many other services than the ones detailed above. We also offer reputation management, creative services, and local SEO, among many others. Contact our boutique digital marketing agency today to learn more. 

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