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Educational resources include textbook suppliers, parent teacher associations, and other educational supply stores. Tandem’s educational resource digital marketing strategies are proven to help businesses reach new clients and partners through the power of digital marketing.


Online Marketing for Education Resources

Businesses that provide educational resources include parent-teacher associations, educational supply stores, and textbook manufacturers. Educational resources are an essential part of the education industry, so it is only fitting that you maximize your reach on the internet by implementing digital marketing strategies for educational resources. Both our paid and organic digital marketing strategies can drive qualified customers to your website and physical stores. Namely, our proven digital marketing strategies include SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and email marketing. So give our digital marketing experts a buzz today to learn more. 

Search Engine Optimization for Educational Resources

Search engine optimization for educational resources is an educational resource digital marketing technique that influences a search engine’s algorithm to ensure that your website or landing page is near the top of search engine results pages. SEO consists of a wide umbrella of techniques, but the most popular way to influence search engines is by creating high-quality content infused with high-demand keywords. These keywords could target the segment that a business wants to focus on or even a geographic location that you believe needs the products or services you provide for educational resources.

The purpose of a search engine is to give searchers relevant websites that are related to their search query. To optimize searches, our experts will create content that influences an algorithm and keeps customers informed about any relevant news or information related to your business. For example, the content could be details about the benefits of partnering with the PTA or which textbooks are best for each class. Once a potential customer sees that your content is relevant and informative, their chances of revisiting your website are very high.

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PPC for Educational Resources

Pay-per-click advertising for educational resources is the paid component of search engine marketing. Here, businesses bid for placement on the most visible portions of a results page. Using a combination of high-demand keywords and bidding, a company can aid its organic search strategies cost-effectively. Rather than building an organic presence on the internet, your business will be able to quickly pay for privileged placement on search engines. Our PPC specialists can craft an effective paid advertising strategy for your business regardless of your goal or budget. Whether it be receiving more phone calls to your business, visitors on your website or conversions on a landing page, Tandem’s digital marketing experts have got your business covered. 

Social Media Marketing for Educational Resources

Social media marketing for educational resources is used by textbook vendors or any other business that offers educational resources to showcase what makes their business unique while also growing the exposure that your business has on social media. Our social media marketing team has plenty of experience crafting engaging content that encourages potential customers to partner with your company and also to explore more opportunities. Aside from making content that effectively shows the most positive side of your business, our social media team helps your business by utilizing outreach programs to grow your brand awareness among people necessary for your business.

These strategies, coupled with integrating your website with your social media content, translate to a steady stream of qualified customers flooding your website. Once customers are on your website, it is easier for them to purchase products, sign up for newsletters, or schedule meetings.

Email Marketing for Educational Resources

Email marketing for educational resources is an excellent way for educational resource businesses to establish a rapport with their potential customers. Since emails are so readily accessible to everyone, thanks to the popularity of mobile devices and their integration into email accounts, reaching customers with customized messages presents a valuable opportunity for businesses to influence their potential customers. Emails should be tailored towards your target segment and the stage where each customer finds themselves in the customer journey.


How Tandem Can Help You

Tandem is a boutique digital marketing agency headquartered in Fort Lauderdale. We offer many more educational resource digital marketing services than the ones mentioned above. We also offer reputation management, video marketing, and landing page optimization, among many others. Contact one of our experts to learn more today.


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