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Digital Marketing for K-12 Education

Tandem works with K-12 education services to improve their digital marketing efforts, allowing them to reach students and parents more effectively. Specifically, we offer Social media, SEO, local SEO, landing page optimization, and pay per click services for K-12 Education providers. Tandem's busy bees work hard to make sure that your business is connecting with the right customers.

Parents looking to enroll their students in K-12 education rely on the internet to connect with the schools that most interest them. If a school or education center is not engaging in K-12 digital marketing strategies, the possibility that a parent visits your website and schedules a tour or appointment decreases dramatically. Tandem helps schools boost their enrollment rates by using the latest digital marketing strategies.

SEO For K-12 Education Services

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy for K-12 education that places a listing on a visible section of a search engine results page. When a parent wants to put their child in a school, a Google search is most likely the place where they will begin. Tandem’s SEO strategies work to ensure that your school is one of the first that a parent searching for schools sees on search engines. By making sure that your website is user-friendly, our SEO team ensures that Google recognizes it as such and pushes it to the top of a search engine results page.

How Local SEO Can Help K-12 Schools

Local customers are going to make up the bulk of your clientele in the K-12 education business. This makes it important to cater to local customers. Tandem’s K-12 education digital marketing experts know what your potential local students are searching for, strengthening your local search visibility and intensifying your online presence. More concretely, Tandem’s hive offers your school:

  • Keyword research
  • Location-focused small business strategies
  • Analysis
  • Website review
  • Digital development strategy and content
  • Local link acquisition strategy and campaign
  • Detailed monthly local SEO reporting

Social Media For K-12 Education

Social media management is critical for K-12 education providers. Now a cornerstone of our daily lives, social media has influenced business thanks to its ability to share content and target customers. Tandem’s worker bees can help you effectively manage your social media presence. Also, social media allows your school to showcase its services and happy students!

Our K-12 education digital marketing strategies can adapt to your unique challenges. Our social media management services help your school explore new segments, identify objectives/goals, develop strategies that resonate with potential customers, and finally allow education services to gain a deeper understanding of their customers. 

Even when searching for schools to enroll their children in, parents pay attention to social media profiles. Social media profiles present a unique opportunity for schools to showcase what differentiates them from other educational institutions and why parents should consider enrolling their children there. Here, schools can show their athletic and extracurricular activities to parents interested in these programs for their children. Our social media team can craft social media content campaigns that resonate with your target audience and encourage them to enroll in your school.

Parents of enrolled students are looking to find information on relevant activities that are happening at your school. Whether this is a PTA meeting or important sporting events, social media is an excellent platform to get the word out to parents. By creating high-quality content, performing outreach campaigns, and educating parents, we can help your school make the most of social media marketing.

PPC Strategies for K-12 Education Providers

Competition in the education industry is stringent. Pay-Per-Click campaigns are where your school can differentiate itself by enjoying higher placement on search engine results. When it comes to PPC strategies for K-12 education marketing, Tandem can drive more customers into your business or landing page. Tandem can help you target your audience, get more leads, and maximize the effectiveness of your advertising budget. Our K-12 education digital marketing experts will design ads that deliver the best results. 

Landing Page Optimization For K-12 Education

In digital marketing, a landing page is a single web page that appears in response to users being led to your website thanks to a combination of digital marketing efforts. In other words, customers finding themselves on landing pages are the result of combining social media, SEO, Local SEO, and pay-per-click strategies. Landing page optimization is important because it is where customers ask for more information, purchase a service, or refer someone to your school. Our digital marketing and landing page optimization tactics adjust to any goal that your school may have.

Additional Marketing for K-12

How Does Tandem’s SEO Team Make User-Friendly Websites?

User-friendly websites are those that ensure that they run smoothly and provide a positive, helpful experience for visitors. Aside from making sure that pictures and videos load quickly, user-friendliness is boosted by uploading useful content onto it. “Useful content” is content that parents or students find beneficial when they are looking for schools where they can enroll. These pieces could be “5 Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for A School” or “Reasons Why Athletics Are Essential for Students.” These content topics kill two birds with one stone, as they are an opportunity to expose parents to valuable marketing material while also making sure that a search engine improves your visibility due to your relevance.

Tandem’s Full Suite of Digital Marketing Services

Tandem’s full suite of digital marketing services is designed to make your engagement and outreach programs as effective as possible. Tandem’s full suite of digital marketing for K-12 education services includes:


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