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Tandem’s Illinois digital marketing strategies are proven to give businesses in the Prairie State increased conversions and revenue thanks to the heightened visibility that they get on search engines and social media. Contact our SEO, PPC, and social media experts to learn more.


Digital Marketing in Illinois

Home to an iconic city like Chicago, Illinois has no shortage of successful businesses in popular industries. The Prairie State boasts significant contributions from industries like the agricultural and manufacturing industries outside of her largest cities like Chicago and Springfield. In the largest cities in the state, important industries include the printing/publishing, finance/insurance, food processing, and real estate industries. No matter where your Illinois business is located or what industry it competes in, it needs to use Illinois digital marketing strategies like the ones that Tandem offers to reach customers inside and outside the Land of Lincoln. Read below or give us a buzz today to learn more.

What Illinois Digital Marketing Services Does Tandem Offer?

The goal of digital marketing is to connect businesses with qualified customers on the internet. Naturally, the platforms that receive the most traffic from customers are those that they use to initially search for services and the ones that they use to interact with businesses. Specifically, some of our effective Illinois digital marketing strategies from our full suite include search engine optimization, social media marketing, and PPC marketing. While these digital marketing strategies are certainly an effective way to reach customers, they do not complete our full suite of services. Our full suite of services includes:

What to consider, when hiring a
Illinois Marketing Agency



What metrics does the agency track, and how do they report it?


What does the digital marketing agency consider a successful outcome?


What will they deliver for you in a given quarter, month, or year?


Does the agency offer a variety of services for your business?

How Are SEO and PPC Used in Illinois Digital Marketing?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click marketing (PPC) help Illinois businesses by making them visible on search engines. Customers navigating onto websites is important for businesses because once they are on websites, it is easier for potential customers to purchase products, sign up for newsletters, or ask for appointments. In today’s business environment, customers are looking for real estate agents, financial planners, insurance companies, or agricultural providers on search engines.

Before your website is visible on search engines, a search engine needs to recognize it as relevant to searchers. Search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy that looks to make changes to a website, so Google or Bing pushes it to the top of organic search results based on the relevance of your website to people looking for businesses that provide your services. Some of the most important factors that a search engine analyzes when they devise their rankings are:

  • Your website’s content
  • Which high demand keywords your business is utilizing in its content
  • Which websites are linking back to yours
  • How responsive and user-friendly your website is

Pay-per-click marketing is used in search engine marketing to populate a search engine’s paid advertising space. For the most popular industries in Illinois and Chicago, it is important to utilize it in combination with organic search strategies like SEO. In PPC, businesses bid on high-demand keywords and place bids on them. These keywords could be “Chicago financial advisors” or “Illinois agricultural firms.” As its name suggests, a business pays whatever amount they bid on these keywords whenever someone uses these paid advertisements to navigate onto these websites.

How Can the Most Popular Industries in Illinois Use Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing should be a foundational piece of Illinois digital marketing.   Social media marketing is especially important in Illinois’s burgeoning service and agricultural industries. People looking to partner with an agricultural business or business in the service industry need to see that previous customers have had positive experiences with your business. There is no better way to show positive experiences than through photos and videos. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the perfect places to showcase your engaging photos and videos. LinkedIn allows businesses to put a professional spin on their content.

Aside from sharing content, social media platforms allow Illinois businesses to conduct outreach strategies and funnel customers onto your website. Much like the search engine marketing services noted above, social media should be seen as a tool for guiding people into your website, where they could purchase products or undergo another conversion.

Our Services

  • SEO Mergers and Acquisitions

    Tandem's SEO strategy ensures that your business's website experiences more traffic thanks to our extensive keyword research and link acquisition tactics.

    SEO Mergers and Acquisitions

  • SEO

    Tandem's SEO strategy ensures that your business's website experiences more traffic thanks to our extensive keyword research and link acquisition tactics.


  • PPC

    Our PPC specialists ensure that your business's customers see your ads at the right place and right time. Tandem's strategies also ensure that your business's ads are immune to fluctuations in customer ideals.


  • Social Media

    Social media can be extremely profitable for businesses today. Our social media team allows your business to reach customers through targeted advertisements and engaging content.

    Social Media

  • Local SEO & Google Maps

    Local SEO allows your business to reach local customers by appearing in their searches. Our colony makes sure that you are out-ranking your local competition.

    Local SEO & Google Maps

  • Reputation Management

    Customers are keener than ever on your business's online reviews. Tandem's experts make sure that your business has a healthy buzz online.

    Reputation Management

Our Illinois digital marketing agency is dedicated to providing the best SEO, PPC, and social media services for all of our clients.

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