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It is rare to find any business that does not require a solid marketing strategy. Health insurance companies are not immune to requiring a marketing strategy that secures a steady pipeline of qualified customers streaming into their business. Tandem understands that these companies operate in an extremely difficult industry where competitors fight tooth and nail for qualified leads. Digital marketing strategies like PPC, SEO, and email marketing are the most modern and effective ways to outclass your competitors on the internet and earn a larger book of business. Our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts can help your firm advertise its superior rates and the different types of plans available for consumers. 


Use the Internet for Growth

Health Insurance PPC Marketing

The number of potential customers who search for terms like “family health insurance plans” or “cheapest health insurance plans” is only increasing as time goes on. If your health insurance firm is one of the first few options that these millions of searchers see, you will experience a huge stream of qualified traffic into your website and landing pages. Obviously, the higher the number of people interested in insurance plans that go into a website, the more that they will sign up for appointments or call for quotes. 

To take advantage of a higher search engine placement, health insurance firms need to use PPC marketing. PPC marketing, which stands for pay-per-click marketing, is a digital marketing strategy that leverages the paid advertising platforms that the most popular search engines like Google and Bing have. Google AdWords and Bing Advertising are platforms that allow health insurance firms to bid for popular keywords to ensure their visibility on a search engine results page. For example, your company might focus on providing value-driven plans. In this case, it would bid for the keywords that the kind of audience that is searching for cheap family plans uses on search engines every day. When accompanied by a higher bid amount and higher quality website than its competitors, these advertisements will become more visible than the ones that competitors launch. 

A good practice for a health insurance PPC marketing campaign to utilize is to launch campaigns to reach a target audience. For example, it would be wise to target people who no longer qualify to be on their family’s plan due to aging out. Google and Bing continuously update their platforms to add the specificity and reach that health insurance providers need. 

Health Insurance SEO Marketing

You may recall that an important part of making your website visible on search engines with digital marketing is the quality of your website. Search engine optimization is the practice of slowly improving the quality of your website by using certain website optimizations and content creation strategies. Some website optimization strategies that health insurance providers could use is to make their website easy to navigate by segmenting the website by the different kinds of plans that they offer and going more into detail as they go deeper into the website. For example, the family insurance section of the website will include a brief detailing of the different kinds of policies that they provide to families. On this page, they will be met with more specific pages where the fine details of family policies are illustrated. In doing this, your website will be of higher quality and more likely to appear on the organic sections of a search engine results page and make your bids on keywords more successful. 

Health Insurance Email Marketing

Emails are an excellent tool for health insurance firms to gather leads and push them farther down the customer pipeline. Every website should have a section where they gather contact information like email addresses. If your website properly utilizes SEO and PPC, your website will be more likely to capture more email addresses from qualified customers, which highlights the importance of a synchronized digital marketing strategy. After capturing their email addresses and the stage of the buying process that they are in, a business should send personalized marketing messages that reflect the receiver’s sensibilities. For example, someone just turning 25 and has recently begun their search for health insurance policies will require a different marketing message than someone who is middle-aged and switching providers. 

When designing your email marketing campaigns, Tandem takes into account the customer profile of the person receiving your email. 


How Tandem Can Help You

Tandem’s Health Insurance Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing strategies may require leveraging much more services than the ones detailed above. We can leverage video marketing, creative services, public relations, and reputation management, among many others. Give us a buzz today to learn more. 

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