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Digital Marketing for Life Insurance

While digital platforms are highly competitive, Tandem’s digital marketing strategies give insurance agencies the ability to leverage high-ROI digital marketing strategies like PPC social media marketing and SEO. We can design digital marketing strategies for firms that provide term, whole, universal, burial insurance, and more.


Life Insurance Marketing

Life insurance agents need a steady stream of qualified leads to make sure that they continue building a book of business and continuously generate revenue. In days past, agencies needed to rely solely on media buying and their sales team to perform their outreach strategies and branding efforts. Today, there are many platforms where insurance agencies can consolidate their branding and marketing efforts into one, with the best example being social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. As you could probably guess, the power of these digital platforms translates to intense competition, especially among life insurance agencies.

How Can Agencies Leverage Life Insurance PPC Marketing?

Pay-per-click marketing (PPC) is a digital marketing strategy that places websites and landing pages onto a search engine’s paid advertising space. In this digital marketing tactic, life insurance agencies choose keywords to bid on to outrank their competition. These “keywords” are what you believe that your target audience is searching for. Take, for example, an agency located in Coral Gables, Florida, that notices that many residents are interested in using the services of a local agency. This business will most likely bid for keywords like “life insurance agencies in Coral Gables” or “Coral Gables life insurance agencies.” If the agency in question notices that there are many other companies bidding for the keywords, it will increase its bid to rank above them. As the name suggests, a company is only charged when a lead clicks on the link leading to the website. 

Designing great advertising campaigns is only half the battle, as life insurance agencies need to make sure that their landing pages are effective as well. Landing pages are where visitors turn into leads by signing up for a newsletter or scheduling an appointment. Tandem’s landing page optimization services could be used by agencies to increase a landing page’s effectiveness. 

Finding Opportunities Online

How Can Agencies Leverage Life Insurance SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that improves a website’s visibility on search engines by optimizing a website and its content. While proper SEO implementation does not entail paying a search engine, getting results through organic website optimization is a slow and meticulous process. Like PPC, using keywords is crucial to an SEO strategy’s success, but it is only half the battle. The best way to optimize a website to experience results is by uploading content that people looking for life insurance agencies find relevant using these keywords. This content should aim to educate your potential customers on which policies are best for certain cases, how pricing works, and the benefits of having a policy. The more educated your customer base is, the more loyal they are to your business. Tandem also delves into link building and improving the user experience to improve your rankings. 

How Can Agencies Leverage Life Insurance Social Media Marketing?

Social media platforms have become ubiquitous. Fortunately for businesses, these platforms are also excellent places to market a life insurance agency. When it comes to something as serious as life insurance policies, your potential customers are looking to be as educated as possible. On social media platforms, agencies could upload videos and infographics that explain the benefits of their policies. Also, most social media platforms have paid advertising platforms where companies can launch targeted advertising campaigns.  



How Tandem Can Help You

Tandem is a boutique digital marketing agency that offers a full suite of life insurance digital marketing strategies. Give our worker bees a buzz today to learn more.

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