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Movie Theatres and Digital Marketing

It may seem like movie theaters are losing a little bit of steam considering the rising popularity of streaming services such as Netflix. Still, theaters remain a popular attraction for those who want to capture a film’s complete experience. Thanks to the dim lighting and high-end speakers that most movie theaters install, there is nothing quite like watching your favorite movie on the big screen. Many people still demand the services of a movie theater, and they take their demand for a high-end viewing experience to search engines and social media platforms. If you own a small movie theater or are a franchisee, Tandem’s digital marketing for movie theaters strategies should be utilized to reach your potential customers more effectively. 

How Can I Utilize Local SEO for Movie Theaters?

Local SEO is the perfect digital marketing strategy for movie theaters for brick and mortar locations. Local SEO makes sure that people near the location of your movie theater come into contact with vital information like your address, phone number, and regular operating hours. Thanks to Google My Business listings, businesses can rest assured that all this vital information is easily accessible and could even be visible above organic search results. 

Introduced to the public in 2014, Google My Business allows businesses to create a business profile that includes the previously mentioned information and a short synopsis of the services they offer, along with a tailored photo gallery. The sections of a GMB listing that let customers view your summary and the photos you choose to upload also leave room for your movie theater to showcase what makes it unique. For example, many movie theaters offer viewings of cult films and classics from years past. Such a movie theater could then leave a short description of the kinds of films they offer and even the projector they are using. 

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How Can I Utilize Social Media Marketing for Movie Theaters?

Movie theaters could utilize social media marketing by showing what they offer their visitors. An excellent organic social media marketing strategy theaters should use in digital marketing for movie theaters is uploading photos and videos of the movies they will be showing. By understanding what kinds of films their target audience is most likely to watch, they could tailor their posts accordingly. 

For example, suppose a movie theater is offering a showing of Raging Bull, a classic film. In that case, they could upload the original marketing poster used and use hashtags that are popularly used by the industry. Combining this kind of post with a correct hashtag strategy makes your post visible and engaging to your target customers. 


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What Other Digital Marketing for Movie Theater Services Does Tandem Offer?

Digital marketing for movie theaters could include plenty of other services other than local SEO and social media marketing. Tandem’s full suite of digital marketing services includes email marketing, video marketing, and reputation management, among many others. Contact our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts today to learn more. 

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