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Digital Marketing for Board Games

Digital marketing for board games can take your sales to the next level!


Digital Marketing for Board Games

Businesses that create board games are in an interesting industry where they make games that bring people from all walks of life together. There are many kinds of board games that cater to different audiences, which paves the way for differentiation among producers. Depending on the type of board game that you produce, you could design a board game digital marketing strategy that details the kind of experience that your game provides players. For example, a family-oriented board game will give a different experience than one catered towards hard-core fantasy fans. Tandem’s Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts craft digital marketing campaigns highlighting these differences and making your board game more visible to your target audience. 

What Tandem Offers Offers Your Business

 SEO for Board Games

Search engine optimization for board games is a digital marketing application that improves your visibility on search engines thanks to various factors, the most relevant being content creation. Content creation is an especially valuable facet of digital marketing because it gives board game manufacturers room to differentiate their business through blog posts and infographics. People who play board games are often confused by the game’s rules, which can be subject to many debates around the coffee table. Making your website the primary resource for settling debates around rules and proper game play is bound to lead to a heavy influx of traffic going into your website. Once on your website, you could advertise other games and products that your business sells. 

Another good idea for content that board game producers could leverage is to create a series of written content that deepens the lore surrounding your game. If your board game gets enough people invested, they will be more inclined to consume this type of content and pass the word on to their family and friends. 

Social Media Marketing for Board Games

Social media marketing is another tool that could be used in board game digital marketing strategies in much the same way that search engine optimization works. As with the content you upload onto your website, social media marketing could drive your branding efforts by uploading content such as photos and videos of the characters in your board game. This visual content is also likely to be shared between board game players among their social media following. Word-of-mouth marketing such as this can even be shared with people that are not aware of your board game, enticing them to visit your website and purchase your board game. If you wish to grow your follower count to increase your reach, Tandem’s social media team grows your following by engaging in organic social media strategies. 

E-Commerce for Board Games

E-commerce is a tool given to board game manufacturers to make their online storefront effective. A combination of board game digital marketing strategies is needed to make your inventory visible to people on the internet. Our team leverages social media marketing and SEO to accomplish this and direct your customers directly to the point of purchase. Specifically, combining SEO and PPC is proven to be effective in achieving this goal. 


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You can tailor your board game digital marketing strategies to reflect what your target audience is receptive towards. It would be best if you used SEO, social media marketing, and E-Commerce in your strategy, but consider the other valuable services offered by Tandem, including creative services, email marketing, video marketing, and reputation management, among many others. Contact us today to learn more. 

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