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Online Marketing for Private Schools

Private schools cannot increase their enrollment rate without using the internet and modern marketing strategies. To successfully leverage the internet and modern marketing techniques, private schools need to use digital marketing. Digital marketing is a wide umbrella covering many strategies, including search engine optimization, PPC marketing, and social media marketing. To help our clients in the education industry, our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts leverage our full suite of services to boost online visibility. We believe that digital marketing campaigns should reflect the sensibilities of your target audience, and we take everything into account. Below, we detail how we can design a tailored digital marketing campaign for your institution. 


Tandem's Services for Private Schools

Search Engine Marketing for Private Schools 

Search engine marketing needs to be used by private schools to appear on a potential student’s or their parent’s search engine results pages. To best use search engine optimization, private schools need to ensure that their websites are high quality and user friendly. These schools need to make sure that they upload content that resonates with their target audience. For private schools, this content could be blog posts or web pages that detail the school’s curriculum and an explanation of how these schools prepare children for their academic careers. When parents or students read these articles, they will be more inclined to enroll in your school because they will envision themselves walking through the halls, attending class, or other educational possibilities your private school offers. 

When your website is loaded with content like this, it lets Google and Bing know that your website is relevant to a search query, making the search engine algorithm place it in the more visible sections of a website when they make their rankings. 

Another facet of search engine marketing that private schools should be keen to use is PPC marketing. PPC marketing looks to place a business’s website on a search engine results page’s paid section. The paid advertising sections on Google and Bing are populated by businesses that placed bids on keywords they want to rank for. Some examples could include “private boys schools” or “private magnet schools.” When schools place bids on keywords like this, they guarantee their place among the paid sections of a search engine results page, which are the most visible. When private schools use both SEO and PPC, their presence on search engines will lead to a noticeable increase in enrollment and revenue for your private school.

Tandem’s Full Suite of Digital Marketing for Private Schools

Digital marketing involves much more than search engine marketing. Depending on the kinds of services that you provide, your school may need to leverage other digital marketing strategies. For example, social media marketing is a popular digital marketing service because these platforms are highly transited by your students and their parents. Another popular service that is widely used by private schools is email marketing. Email marketing is effective because it is a way to instantly communicate with potential students and their parents using an incredibly popular form of communication. To learn more about our full suite of digital marketing, contact us today to learn more. 


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