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Digital Marketing for HVAC Schools

Using localized keywords, content, and targeted advertising, schools that provide HVAC certifications can take advantage of digital marketing. Below, our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts detail how your school can best take advantage of the internet to increase your enrollment rate.


Digital Marketing for HVAC Schools

As more people consider where to focus their career, mechanical trade schools like HVAC schools are becoming more popular among customers. HVAC schools are more sought-after in places that experience a high demand for air conditioning, like Florida and Texas, or places with long periods of extreme cold, so the digital marketing strategies for these schools should cater to the people who populate those states. Tandem understands what it takes to create a digital marketing strategy that caters to local customers.

 Search Engine Optimization for HVAC Schools

HVAC schools need to be present on search engine results pages to capture the attention of modern students fully. To make sure that your school is at the top of search engine results pages, it needs to utilize search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a process where businesses, such as HVAC schools, improve the quality of their website to make it more engaging to their target audience. To successfully implement search engine optimization, HVAC schools need to conduct research on the characteristics of their target audience to gain a better understanding of what they are inputting into search engines.

Once HVAC schools understand their target audience’s behavior, it will be much easier for them to create a content strategy and a keyword strategy that leads these students to the HVAC school website. For example, you may find that your HVAC certification program can benefit from targeting students who have just recently graduated high school. After discovering this, your school should create content that caters to this demographic. This content may revolve around future career prospects and how much money they could earn if they dedicate themselves.

Aside from creating content like this, HVAC schools need to make sure that their content includes keywords that their target audience is inputting into search engines. These could be “HVAC schools for recent grads,” “how to get HVAC certification,” or “HVAC certification near me.” By using such keywords, a search engine’s algorithm will recognize that your website is relevant to the search query and make it more visible. 

Building your HVAC School's Online Presence

Local SEO for HVAC Schools 

Local SEO is necessary for brick-and-mortar HVAC schools. As mentioned above, an HVAC school’s digital marketing should be as localized as possible. Most people that will be attending HVAC certification courses are going to be close to the physical location of your school, so be keen to use local SEO in your digital marketing strategy. Local SEO captures the attention of local customers on search engines by taking advantage of local directories and GMB (Google My Business) listings. 

GMB listings allow HVAC schools to accurately display their address, phone number, and operating hours, enabling potential students to reach them and learn more about certification courses easily. Essentially, this digital marketing strategy ensures that people local to your institution that search for HVAC courses are immediately met with your profile on search engines and are closer to generating a conversion for your business. 

 Social Media Marketing for HVAC Schools

Social media marketing should be seen as a tool to bolster the effectiveness of an HVAC school’s digital marketing strategy. On social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, HVAC schools should be keen to share content that they believe drives more qualified traffic into search engine results pages. Like the blog posts and articles used in search engine optimization, social media content should communicate the value that earning an HVAC degree provides to people according to what their sensibilities are. In the case of the HVAC school that wants to attract recent high school graduates, their social media content should reflect what a high school graduate who is deciding on their career is most receptive towards. Videos or infographics of salary statistics and other information relating to the career trajectory is most likely to be viewed by this target demographic and result in more web traffic and enrollment.


How Tandem Can Help You

Tandem’s social media and digital marketing experts could construct a digital marketing campaign that increases your revenue no matter the characteristics of your HVAC school or who you want to influence with your digital marketing campaigns. Contact us today to learn more.

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