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Digital Marketing for General Laborers

Digital marketing for general laborers helps by connecting the businesses with potential customers on the internet. Tandem’s digital marketing experts are committed to assisting general laborers to grow their business through digital marketing.


Marketing Online for Construction

In this context, “general laborers” can be split into two categories: skilled and unskilled. Skilled general labor includes services like carpentry, electricians, ironworkers, and masons. General laborers have a higher demand in states and locations where the climates call for more home maintenance. These are states with tropical climates like Florida, parts of California, and Hawaii, among many others. Tandem’s digital marketing strategies help connect businesses that provide these services with the burgeoning demand that homeowners and/or real estate investors have towards the help of a general laborer.

Digital Marketing for General Laborers

It should be no surprise for you to read that people who need the help of a blacksmith, electrician, or other laborers use the internet to look for the businesses that provide the services that they need. Specifically, these platforms include search engines, social media, and even your own websites. Companies need to take advantage of a boutique digital marketing agency like Tandem to handle their digital presence. The digital marketing for general laborers techniques that Tandem uses to craft an engaging online presence includes:

These general laborer digital marketing strategies are best used when they work together. Still, we offer our clients the opportunity to choose which digital marketing strategy works best for their business. Some of our most popular services include SEO, PPC, and social media marketing.

How Can General Laborers Use SEO?

Simply put, search engine optimization is the process of increasing a website’s visibility on search engine results by notifying a search engine’s algorithm of a web page’s relevance to the search query.  For example, a homeowner in Florida that needs electrical work done to their house will most likely search “electrical workers in Florida” on a search engine. The search engine will later “crawl” a website, which is the process of combing a website for its relevant information. Once it determines the degree of relevance for the millions of websites that it searches, it will later undergo a ranking where websites are ordered for degrees of relevance.

How Can Tandem Help with General Labor SEO?

For general labor, SEO is a relatively complex umbrella of digital marketing, but the most popular form of search engine optimization is creating content ingrained with high-demand keywords. These keywords make it easier for a search engine to deem your website relevant and form the foundation of your content strategy.

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How Will Tandem Curate a Carpenter, Electrician, Ironworkers, or Mason SEO Content Strategy?

We believe that your website’s content should be a double-edged sword. On one edge, it should rank highly on search engines, while on the other, it should keep customers informed on the advantages of partnering with your business or what is the best course of action they should take according to what is going on around them. For example, a home in Florida might need an electrician, carpenter, ironworker, or mason in the wake of a highly damaging hurricane season.

Our team of professional writers will later conduct a thorough keyword research and analysis process, which hones in on keywords that could be useful like “electrical hurricane damage” or “home structure hurricane damage.” Once we discover which keywords your potential customers use the most, our team writes engaging blog posts and web pages that influence search engines and persuade customers to partner with your business. In this case, examples of blogs that we could write would be “The Best Ways to Repair Electrical Damage Caused by A Hurricane” or something related to that.


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Why Should I Integrate Other Digital Marketing Techniques into My General Labor Digital Marketing Campaigns?

While search engine optimization is undoubtedly a critical facet of general labor digital marketing, it is best used when combined with other digital marketing techniques like social media marketing and pay-per-click marketing. Combining these two digital marketing strategies with your SEO campaigns will effectively spread your brand awareness by “spreading the word” all over the internet and increasing the number of people going into your website, which in turn increases your revenue.

Our varied digital marketing services are the perfect way to maximize your business’s reach on the internet. Give us a buzz today to learn more. 


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