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If you manufacture building materials, you can use digital marketing to reach a brand-new or established audience on online platforms like search engines and social media. Tandem’s building material digital marketing strategies are proven to increase your web traffic and conversions.


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Building materials companies need to use modern marketing methods to reach the highest number of qualified customers. There is no method more modern and effective than Tandem’s building material digital marketing strategies when it comes to marketing. Unfortunately, saturating the digital marketing sphere is your competition. The best way to differentiate yourself on platforms like search engines and social media is to partner with an experienced digital marketing agency like Tandem. Our worker bees and digital marketing skills ensure that your business’s digital marketing campaigns are ahead of the curve. Below, we will detail how our boutique digital marketing agency’s services can help your business stand out from the pack.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Help My Building Materials Business?

Search engine optimization is used in building material digital marketing to make websites stand out to people on search engines. Since most building materials are sold to B2B buyers, these buyers extensively research businesses. In years past, architectural or construction firms relied on phone books and other traditional forms of advertising to reach the building materials firms. Now, search engines are the primary places businesses use to research the building materials businesses that they want to partner with.  So, aside from making a search engine place your website higher on search engine results pages, search engine optimization helps your business capture the attention of your potential customers. This added attention increases the chances that they partner with you, and it’s all thanks to content marketing.

What is Content Marketing and How Does it Bolster SEO Efforts?

Content marketing is a crucial component of search engine optimization. Through content, a building material business can include high-demand keywords that attract customers to a website or landing page. This content usually is presented in blog posts, web pages, and other visual and written material. Some content ideas that could prove helpful in your building materials business could be blog posts that detail how you make your material and what makes it stronger or more useful for construction. Uploading this blog post web page with an accompanying video of your facilities makes for a very engaging website that adds credibility and works towards repeat visitors.

Once a business finds your website, they can easily research your building materials business to make their purchase decision easier. There is no better platform for a company to showcase its expertise than its own website. Thanks to blogs and other written content, our SEO works towards presenting your business in the most favorable light.

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How Can My Building Materials Business Use Email Marketing?

As one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, email marketing can still be incredibly useful for your building material digital marketing campaigns. This is even more true when one considers the popularity of mobile phones and other devices that have integrated their user’s email accounts. Now, a building materials business can effectively reach its potential customers instantly with personalized emails.

With personalized emails, a business can lead their potential customers down their marketing funnel regardless of the stage that their potential customers find themselves in. Therefore, your emails should have different calls to action depending on which customer stage you are trying to influence.

For example, you would typically ask someone who has already purchased building materials from you to write a review about your services and products. At the same time, you would encourage someone who has never partnered with you before to call you for more information. A tailored subject line and body is an essential part of successful email marketing campaigns. Tandem’s email marketing experts know how to craft the perfect email to influence your potential customers to increase your conversion rates and revenue.


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While the previously mentioned building material digital marketing strategies are indeed effective, they are not the only ones our boutique digital marketing agency offers. When it comes to search engine marketing, we also offer Pay-Per-Click strategies as an aid to our client’s organic search engine marketing strategies.

Apart from search engine marketing, we offer our clients various other digital marketing strategies that work towards building an imposing online presence.

Below is our full suite of digital marketing services. Give us a buzz to learn more.


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