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The forestry industry is prominent in states like Alaska, Oregon, California, Maine, and many other states. Forestry businesses typically deal in selling products including lumber, pulp, and paper. As an essential component of everyday life, these products naturally have an exceptionally great demand. One of the easiest ways to tap into this demand is by marketing where most of a target audience spends their time – the internet.


SEO for the Forestry Industry

Tandem’s forestry digital marketing services are the best way that your business can connect with potential customers with services including search engine marketing, social media marketing, and many others. Read more about our full suite of digital marketing services here.

SEO for Forestry and Agriculture

Search engine optimization (SEO)represents the cornerstone of any successful digital marketing strategy, whether in Forestry or another industry. Since search engines are where most qualified traffic is searching for the businesses that interest them, making sure that your business is the first listing to be seen is a great advantage for forestry businesses. There are many ways that your business can implement SEO into its digital marketing for forestry businesses. Some tactics include using keyword-rich titles on webpages, adding keyword-rich meta descriptions to webpages, and incorporating relevant tags. Some relevant keywords to the forestry industry could include “cheapest timber” or “what kind of wood is best for designing a living room?”

These search engine optimization tactics lead to content marketing, another forestry digital marketing strategy that Tandem’s worker bees can assist your business with.

How Does Content Marketing Strategy Assist Your Forestry Business?

Content marketing is closely related to SEO. Digital marketers can create content such as blog posts and web pages with high-demand keywords they have discovered in the keyword discovery phase. Content marketing could also come in the form of photos and videos that address any questions or concerns that your target audience may have. Examples include detailed explanations of which kinds of woods are best for which parts of the construction of a house or what environmental care initiatives your business is taking part in. These photo and video ideas coupled with a related blog post or article are a great way to use forestry digital marketing to funnel traffic into your website.

The best way to integrate your written and visual content is by maintaining a consistent blog where you constantly touch on relevant subjects to your industry. By doing this, your potential customers will continue visiting your website to learn more about your industry and why your forestry business is the best around.

Digital Marketing for Forestry Businessess

Social Media Marketing for the Forestry Industry

Forestry Social media marketing is used in forestry digital marketing to connect with millions of potential customers on Facebook, Instagram, and other similar platforms. Closely related to content marketing, social media marketing allows forestry businesses to show content to their followers, attracting them to their website. Once on their website, these qualified customers can read the blog posts and articles to keep them coming back for more information.

PPC Marketing for the Forestry Industry

Forestry pay-per-click marketing gives higher visibility and is used in digital marketing for the forestry industry to target potential customers on search engines. As related to SEO, it is different in that this digital marketing strategy requires that a business pay every time a website is accessed through their paid advertising platform. Search engine optimization requires that a business construct a website architecture and content campaign that will slowly and over time help them experience a high placement. On the other hand, PPC requires that a business find high-demand keywords and place bids on these keywords to access the highly demanded placement on search engines.

Since PPC campaigns are more quantifiable than our other forestry digital marketing services, our digital marketing experts have easily monitored and reported them. Including the tactics previously discussed, PPC campaigns are a perfect pairing for organic digital marketing campaigns.

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