Marketing Agency for Breweries

Our digital marketing agency based out of Fort Lauderdale knows the benefits that effective digital marketing campaigns can have for breweries of any size. Allow Tandem to take the reins of your brewery’s digital marketing efforts.


Digital Marketing for Breweries

Our digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale understands that digital marketing is an excellent way to expand your business. Digital marketing for breweries allows your brewery to access new customers and improve your online presence. Breweries are popular all across the United States, but especially in states whose population consumes a lot of beer. Breweries in states like California, Colorado, and New York are the states with the most craft breweries. If you operate a brewery in these states, it would be wise to leverage digital marketing into your marketing plans.

Social Media Marketing for Breweries

Modern consumers need to feel connected with the businesses they purchase products from. Social media is an excellent way to connect with consumers because they increasingly depend on social media platforms to research and find new things. Breweries can use social media as a platform to display their facilities, new batches of beer, or the experience that customers have when they visit your brewery. Exhibiting unique experiences on social media is a proven social media marketing strategy that makes customers more inclined towards visiting your brewery. Tandem’s social media team can tailor a social media marketing strategy for breweries of any size, whether a multi-national company or a small up-and-coming brewery. 

Search Engine Optimization for Breweries

Search engine optimization is used in digital marketing for breweries to improve visibility on popular search engines like Google and Bing. A brewery’s search engine visibility is enhanced by utilizing keywords and phrases that are typically used by potential customers. Tandem’s SEO team is highly experienced in researching the keywords your customers are using and implementing them in engaging content. With Tandem’s keyword research and content creation, your brewery will rank highly on search engines, making your brewery more visible to customers. For example, you could make content that details the special ingredients that go into your beer or what else differentiates your brewery from other breweries. High-quality and informative content like this works to boost your ranking on search engines and inform potential customers. 

Marketing for Breweries

Local SEO for Breweries

The implementation of local SEO is advantageous for breweries because it allows them to cater to local customers. Having a local customer base is important for craft breweries and smaller brands because they rely on local customers and word-of-mouth more than larger brands. Tandem’s local SEO tactics ensure that your brewery becomes more visible to local clientele. Some of our local SEO tactics include 

PPC Strategies for Breweries

Pay-per-click campaigns are essentially paid advertisements businesses place on Google when customers search for certain keywords. These are guaranteed to place within the top few results if done correctly. PPC campaigns require extensive keyword research and an ensuing bidding process, which is aided by the experience of a dedicated account manager. PPC campaigns paired with our SEO and Local SEO tactics are the best way to maximize your online presence. 

Landing Page Optimization for Breweries

Landing pages are important for breweries because they are where other digital marketing for brewery tactics lead customers. Landing pages are where customers sign up for tastings, tours, and newsletters. Optimizing these landing pages ensures they experience an uptick in effectiveness, which increases your revenue. 


How Tandem Can Help You

Tandem Interactive is a boutique digital marketing agency based out of  Fort Lauderdale. We specialize in all areas of digital marketing for breweries, including SEO in South Florida, PPC marketing, and landing page optimization. We can help your business meet its goals and become visible on search engine results pages. Crafted under the expert eyes of our digital marketing professionals, Tandem strives to provide our clients with the best and latest practices in the world of online marketing. Contact us to learn more!

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