Electric Company Marketing

Electric utility digital marketing is useful for your business, bringing an influx of qualified customers to your website or landing pages.


Marketing for Electric Utilities

Most businesses in most industries are changing the way that they market to potential customers. Electric utility companies are no different, and they need to take advantage of the new way that customers are searching for services like power generation, storage, or distribution services. With Tandem’s full suite of digital marketing services, your organization can effectively reach a multitude of qualified customers that would previously have been impossible to reach without the internet. Our services include SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and landing page optimization, among many others. 

Electric Utility SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be used by electric utility businesses to maximize their relevance on search engines like Google or Bing. Search engine optimization increases your web visibility leaps and bounds because of modern consumers’ proclivity towards searching for the goods and services they need on search engines.

Our team can optimize your organization’s website by utilizing a combination of content creation, link building, local SEO, and increasing your positive online mentions. When done correctly, combining these strategies lets a search engine’s algorithm know that the content in your website is relevant to customers looking for electric utility services. 

Electric Utility PPC

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a paid search strategy. Our PPC specialists bid on a combination of keywords and phrases to ensure that your business is enjoying the privileged placement that Google and Bing’s paid advertising space give websites, which is directly under the search bar and above the non-paid search results.

The high visibility of these placements means that your energy utility business will find it easier to create brand awareness, find new customers, keep old ones, and perform effective geo-targeting campaigns. Our PPC specialists spend time curating, monitoring, and adjusting our paid search campaigns to ensure that every penny you spend on your campaigns is going towards growing your business.

Utility Marketing

Electric Utility Social Media Marketing

While it may seem odd for an electric utility company to use social media marketing to grow a business and its client list, it is a crucial part of digital marketing. No matter the type of clients that your business is targeting, they are very aware of your social media presence.

If you fail to have a social media presence that effectively shows the value that partnering with your business presents to potential clients, you run the risk of losing clients to your competitors. Our social media team has experience crafting engaging social media campaigns that drive customers to landing pages and increase your conversion rate.

Electric Utility Reputation Management

As useful as social media, review sites, and video communities are for a business’s digital marketing efforts, they give unhappy customers a powerful voice, which could lead to needing reputation management. No matter the business that you run, your online reputation is crucial to your success on the internet. Customers leaving businesses negative reviews have a negative impact on the amount of clientele and can even stunt your SEO efforts. In the modern era, where leaving many negative reviews is effortless, electric utility businesses could find themselves inundated with negative reviews.

Our reputation management services work to clean up negative press on the internet. Tandem’s reputation management services do not aim to silence bad reviews but rather address them and encourage customers to change their reviews to be more positive. We also aim to push positive reviews higher, so they are more visible than negative ones.

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