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Digital Marketing for Ski Resorts

Ski resorts are popular tourist destinations and need to use digital marketing strategies typically employed by the hospitality industry to ensure that more qualified customers are made aware of your website on search engines and social media platforms.


How to Market Your Skiing Resort

Social media platforms are especially useful for ski resorts and similar businesses because they give them the ability to differentiate their business along with performing outreach strategies that grow a brand. Even though social media is an extremely important tool in a digital marketer’s toolbox, it needs to be aided by digital marketing for ski resorts on other mediums like search engines and even a ski resort’s website. 

Social Media Marketing for Ski Resorts 

Social media marketing needs to be used by ski resorts to present a visual look into a ski resort. A large part of the “ski resort experience” is the location that it is in and the views it offers guests. On platforms like Instagram, your ski resort could showcase the backdrop that it gives a ski vacation. In states that have beautiful landscapes like Utah and Colorado, ski resorts could upload pictures of their installations and happy skiers using them. 

When any potential guests visit your social media pages, they will see themselves reflected in the experience that other guests are having and will want to visit the resort. Seeing that guests want to establish a rapport with the resorts they are considering visiting, your ski resort should be keen to promote any user-generated content that previous guests have posted on their social media profiles. For example, a couple that decided to spend their anniversary at your ski resorts that posts content on their stories should be reposted by your social team, so they reach more of your target audience. This way, they will see that your ski resort offers a superior guest experience and hold your ski resort in high regard. 

Search Engine Optimization for Ski Resorts

Search engine optimization for ski resorts is very similar to social media marketing in that it aims to promote an attractive face to your ski resort through content creation. The kind of content you create in search engine optimization for ski resorts is written content like blog posts and web pages that give a more detailed look into your ski resort. This kind of content should come after conducting research on which facets of your target audience your ski resort wishes to target. For example, if your resort caters more towards amateur skiers, it would be wiser to upload content that goes over how to best prepare for the slopes present in your course and how beginners could enjoy the lessons that your resort gives. 

This kind of content is conducive to achieving higher rankings on search engines because a search engine looks to make websites that present value to potential customers more visible than those that do not. Along with link building and website optimization, content creation is one of the foundational elements of search engine optimization and digital marketing for ski resorts.


How Tandem Can Help You

Aside from social media marketing and search engine optimization for ski resorts, Tandem’s West Coast digital marketing experts offer many other services like PPC marketing, video marketing, local SEO, reputation management, video marketing, and email marketing. Give us a buzz today to learn more.


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