Online Marketing for Lodging

A lodge is a dwelling that is rented out to tourists for short-term stays. Like the rest of the hospitality industry, lodges should use digital marketing to reach new customers on the internet and drive them to your website or landing page. This is where potential customers can make reservations or learn more about your business and what it offers.


Digital Marketing for Lodging

Businesses that operate in the tourism industry have adopted both organic and paid digital marketing strategies, and there is no reason why your lodging should be any different. Namely, some of the digital marketing strategies that Tandem offers include SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and landing page optimization, among many others. 

Lodging SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that takes advantage of many users who flood search engines looking for the perfect lodging for their vacation. Nowadays, guests rarely use anything other than search engines to conduct their initial research. Being one of the first results that potential guests see on search engine results pages can result in a massive influx of qualified leads going into your website. Tandem’s SEO experts improve your ranking on search engines by uploading engaging, relevant content on your website. 

Having high-quality content on your websites, such as blog posts and web pages, helps your lodging two-fold. For one, Google or Bing’s algorithm will begin to recognize your website as relevant to a potential guest’s search query, which pushes near the top of search results. Secondly, guests interested in visiting your facility will naturally revisit your website multiple times to read important information regarding you and what makes yours a must-visit business. Organic search marketing strategies like SEO work best when paired with paid digital marketing strategies like PPC (pay-per-click).

How We Can Help Your Lodge

How Does PPC Marketing Help My Lodge?

Put simply, PPC marketing can be used by lodges to pay for exposure on search engines. Additionally, this digital marketing strategy is useful for businesses because it allows them to enjoy high placement on search engines without taking a long time to develop an effective content strategy.  Instead, lodges that use PPC marketing bid on keywords to quickly secure higher visibility. These keywords could focus on a geographic area or the type of lodge that you own.

Lodging Social Media Marketing

As a hotelier or lodging owner, it should be no surprise that your social media profiles are important to your digital marketing strategies. Much like search engines, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are often the first places that potential guests go to investigate which lodgings offer the best location, services, or excursions. Tandem’s social media team is experienced in curating engaging social media marketing strategies that attract potential customers to your location. By sharing the unique experience that your lodging offers through pictures and videos, you cater to modern customers’ need to see other people’s previous experiences before making a purchase decision.  

Interested in Partnering with Tandem?

Being a boutique digital marketing agency, Tandem has the expertise and resources needed for your lodging to boost the number of reservations and revenue it generates. Adopting Tandem’s digital marketing services, your business will have the visibility and attractiveness that it deserves. Give us a buzz today to learn more.


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