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Marketing for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Your drug and alcohol treatment facility could use Tandem to provide a robust marketing strategy to reach more people who need your services and grow your business.


Digital Marketing for Rehabs

Drug and alcohol addiction impacts families deeply and is a disease that afflicts an enormous number of Americans yearly. Since so many families find one of their loved ones delving deeper into addiction, the demand for drug or alcohol addiction treatment centers has grown dramatically. While the entire United States has experienced an alarming rise in addiction, the states that have experienced the highest spike have been states like Maine, MassachusettsMaryland, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. No matter where your treatment center is located, digital marketing for drug and alcohol treatment centers can help you reach the people who need your services the most.

Search Engine Optimization for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities and Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is used by drug and alcohol treatment facilities and services to make sure that potential patients are aware of the services that they offer on search engines. When someone is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, they usually search for help on the resources that are most available to them. In the day’s past, this included phone books, radio advertisements, or even word-of-mouth. Nowadays, the resources that they use the most are popular search engines like Google and Bing. With how easy it is to make a website and have it show up on search engine results pages (SERPs), you need to make sure that your website is more visible on search engines than your competitors. Search engine optimization is a drug and alcohol treatment digital marketing technique that uses a variety of techniques to ensure a high placement on search engines.

One of the most useful applications of search engine optimization is keyword research and an ensuing content creation strategy. For something as deep and complicated as drug addiction, there are plenty of people looking for information to help themselves or a loved one. These keywords could be “how to help someone with cocaine addiction” or “signs of opiate addiction.” Making long-form content that addresses these issues educates consumers while also fulfilling their need for a search engine to connect customers with high-quality websites. Our search engine optimization experts know exactly which keywords to implement and content to write, so customers become educated on drug addiction and look at you as a primary source of information. Once this trust and credibility are formed, the chances that a patient chooses to use your drug and alcohol facility increases dramatically.

PPC for Treatment Facilities

Located directly under the search bar, when someone searches for a drug or alcohol treatment facility on Google or Bing, the first results they are met with are those that occupy the paid advertising space, as these paid spaces are the most visible to searchers. Aside from higher visibility, these paid advertisements present an advantage over SEO because they do not require a foundation of website architecture and informative content. Instead, our pay-per-click (PPC) specialists research keywords and calculate the perfect combination to ensure that the website is placed in this advantageous advertising space. Since both SEO and PPC present unique advantages and disadvantages, it is recommended that a drug and alcohol treatment facility leverage both strategies to ensure a solid presence on search engines.


Additional Rehab Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities

Using social media is a cornerstone of digital marketing for drug and alcohol treatment facilities. Social media, like search engines, is one of the primary tools that people looking for your services use to gauge their interest in becoming a patient. Social media is a great way for you to display your amenities, patient success stories, and facility.

Local SEO for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities

Local SEO is used in digital marketing for drug and alcohol treatment facilities to influence local customers. Our Local SEO services focus on increasing your local visibility using local directories and other features that Google offers. People suffering from addiction want to find treatment facilities quickly. Our Local SEO strategies ensure that your business will be one of the first to show up when they search for drug and alcohol treatment facilities.


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