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Going Digital

It may seem like video game retailers are losing ground to virtual sales. Still, they experience lots of traffic from collectors and people who prefer to have physical copies of their video games. While video game retailers may represent one of the last bastions of brick-and-mortar stores that sell digital media, they cannot ignore video game retailers’ digital marketing strategies. Further, they need to make sure that they are marketing to their target audience on multiple platforms to diversify their marketing strategies. Tandem is a full suite Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency that works with clients to increase both their revenue and foot traffic going into their physical locations. Continue reading below or contact us today to learn more. 

Your Online Marketing Plan

 Digital Marketing for Video Game Retailers 

Out of all the digital marketing services that video game retailers use to drive traffic into their store, the most useful is local SEO. Local SEO involves loading a website with localized keywords and creating a Google My Business (GMB) listing. Localized keywords are those that include your store’s geographic location. Words like “video game stores in Miami” or “video game stores near me” are perfect keywords to target because they capture a large demographic that is looking to purchase video games from their local video game store. Also, utilizing local SEO is intuitive because people looking to buy a physical copy of a video game will not want to wander too far from their home to get them. 

Google My Business listings are a feature that Google unveiled a few years ago. GMB allows internet shoppers to contact retailers, view their regular operating hours, and even find a detailed photo selection of a retailer’s store and the inventory they offer to customers. These profiles are generally the first ones that a searcher sees when looking for physical video game stores on Google or Bing. Even though local SEO is a powerful digital marketing strategy, it is relatively useless without PPC and SEO since they are considered by search engines when they devise their rankings. 

Social Media Marketing for Video Game Retailers 

Social media marketing needs to form part of their overarching digital marketing strategy since everyone has at least one social media account that they frequent. The most popular platforms for video game retailers to use are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. There are millions of users on these platforms joining groups and conversing with people who share similar hobbies. Having a profile that is a regular participant in these circles drives brand awareness and revenue for your video game store. 

Social media marketing should integrate with your other digital marketing strategies to ensure a well-rounded outreach and digital marketing strategy. Optimally, these should drive more qualified customers into your website or landing page.


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