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Digital marketing for record labels is a strategy to make your business more visible online. Contact Tandem to jump ahead of the competition!


Marketing Your Label Online

Record labels are in an interesting spot today, thanks to the internet. Now, promoting music and maintaining a brand is easier than ever before with the help of the rapidity of communication and free platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. While there are certainly plenty of opportunities for record labels and musicians to market their music, they could get lost in the ether if they do not properly implement digital marketing for record labels. Tandem is here to help record labels properly leverage digital marketing to grow their artists’ brands and increase their revenue by using search engine, social media, and email marketing, among many others. Give us a buzz to learn more about our full suite of record label digital marketing services. 

What Is Record Label SEO?

Search engines are one of the most popular digital marketing platforms that record labels could use. Record label search engine optimization is a tool used to ensure that your record label is visible to people searching for your artists or the kind of music that your record label is most known for. Some of the most popular ways to optimize a website and ensure a high ranking on search engines are: finding relevant keywords, making your website more user-friendly, and link building. 

  • Keyword research entails using the keywords and phrases that your target audience is using by implementing them into your website’s content and makeup. For example, suppose your record label sponsors rock bands that are performing in an upcoming festival or concert. These keywords could be “rock festival performers” or “Miami rock bands.” In that case, your record label could leverage these keywords into its website’s content to increase its visibility on SERPs (search engine results pages). These keywords should be included in meta descriptions and title tags, in addition to your blog posts and web pages. 
  • Making your website user-friendly is vital to record label digital marketing because it is one of the key factors that search engines like Google and Bing use to rank websites. A user-friendly website is easy to navigate and loads quickly. It presents value to searchers, making your booking and contact page easier to find and leading people on your website closer to a conversion. A considerable part of a user-friendly website is making a website mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website is easy to navigate on mobile devices, which is extremely important in an age where people are more reliant on mobile devices than ever. 
  • Link building is vital to record label SEO because it is a way to add credibility to your record label. Here, external sources like popular music sites or music influencers reference your record label on their website. When a search engine performs its “crawl,” it will see that these websites have used you as a reference and push it closer to the top of its results. 


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What Is Record Label Social Media Marketing?

Most music searches are performed on mobile devices, which emphasizes the need for an effective record label social media marketing campaign.  Social media marketing considers that social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are ways to reach fans directly and convey your brand. A record label can upload its artists’ content and music videos on social media platforms to increase revenue and web traffic. Tandem’s creative team balances their creative and analytic capabilities to design a content calendar accompanied by the correct hashtags and outreach strategies to drive your social media marketing efforts.  When it comes to music, modern consumers want to connect with their favorite artists. Social media platforms are excellent places to engage with customers because you could include interactive polls and giveaways that drive your engagement. 

How Can I Use Record Label Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful tool in digital marketing for record labels and is popularly used because emails are incredibly effective and easy to automate. With email marketing, your record label could send personalized marketing materials to potential customers. Tandem believes that emails should contain catchy subject lines and relevant information that captures a customer’s attention. An email should then include a call to action that leads users to a landing page to pay for a concert or new music.


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