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Sustainable Energy Digital Marketing

Below, our boutique Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency details the most relevant ways businesses that sell wind power, solar power, and hydroelectric power products could use a digital marketing strategy.


The Future of Sustainable Energy Marketing

Modern people are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact that their activity has on the environment. The demand for sustainable energy is growing every year, and businesses that provide sustainable energy resources need to find creative ways to connect with customers. These include search engine optimization, social media marketing, and PPC marketing. By leveraging these strategies, sustainable energy businesses can increase the amount of revenue and qualified traffic streaming into their websites via search engines and social media. 

Sustainable Energy Search Engine Optimization

Businesses that provide sustainable energy solutions need to use search engine optimization to take advantage of the immense traffic that search engines experience from people looking to learn more about sustainable energy and the economic impact they wish to have. Popular search queries include “how many wind turbines power a house,” “how many solar panels to power a house,” and “how to install solar panels.” Having content like blog posts and articles that give detailed explanations of these things is an excellent way to signal to search engines that your website is worthy of a searcher’s attention. 

The higher quality and engaging content that your website uploads, the more likely it will begin to rank for keywords that your potential customers are using. Establishing your website as a resource for people looking to switch to renewable energy establishes your credibility and makes it more likely for them to contact you for more information or purchase products. 


Multi-Layered Marketing is King

 Sustainable Energy PPC Marketing

PPC marketing is an addition to search engine marketing that curtails the effort needed to rank on search engines. For businesses that sell sustainable energy products, making use of PPC marketing entails bidding on high-demand keywords, so your websites appear on search engine results pages. These keywords could reflect the products in your inventory or match the ones used in their search engine optimization strategies. This way, when someone searches for “solar panels for sale” or something similar, the website will appear on the search engine results pages. 

Further, our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts recommend keeping a detailed e-commerce landing page for your business so it is easier for your business to realize a conversion. Tandem can design an e-commerce landing page that works with your SEO and PPC strategies so that it experiences an increase in its effectiveness. 

Sustainable Energy Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are the most used social media platforms on the planet. To have a well-rounded digital marketing strategy, businesses in this industry need to leverage them properly. Tandem’s social media marketing team creates content that speaks to your target audience and entices them to purchase your products.

Our social media team believes that your content should cater to what your target audience most relates to, which is the environment and the advantages of adopting sustainable energy. Uploading content like engaging infographics or videos of the impact clean energy has on the environment is most likely to grow your brand and be shared among your target audience. Your social media content could also work to aid the content used in your search engine optimization strategies to touch on similar topics and lead them to your website. For example, sharing a video of the installation process that a solar panel follows along with a link to the blog posts would drive traffic to your website. 


What Tandem Can Do for You

Tandem’s Full Suite of Sustainable Energy Digital Marketing

Digital marketing campaigns are complex and may require businesses to implement many other tactics. Tandem’s full suite of digital marketing campaigns include: 

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