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Marketing for Technological Trade Schools

Technological trade schools offer students courses in IT, data entry, and more are becoming more popular, which is why our digital marketing agency can help your school acquire more students.


Marketing Your Tech School Online

The price of attending a traditional four-year college is becoming too steep for many, forcing them to turn their attention towards less expensive trade schools that give them valuable certifications instead of bachelor’s degrees. Tandem’s digital marketing for technological trade schools strategies leverages the platforms your potential students use to search for trade schools that offer courses and certifications where your potential students have expressed interest. Thanks to search engine marketing and social media marketing, Tandem’s Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts help place technological trade schools at the forefront of their prospective customer’s consideration. 

How Can Technological Trade Schools Use Search Engine Marketing?

As its name suggests, search engine marketing assists technological trade schools by being visible on search engines. Google and Bing are the first places that people interested in learning more about technological trade schools and their certifications go for more information. Naturally, the more visible your website is on search engines, the more likely that searchers are to navigate onto your website and ask for more information or even purchase courses.  This digital marketing for technological trade school strategy is composed of search engine optimization and PPC marketing. 

Search Engine Optimization for Technological Trade Schools

Search engine optimization for technological trade schools is the process of improving a website’s organic rankings. “Organic ranking” is the term used to describe the section of a search engine results page that does not require that a technological trade school pay a search engine for placement. The way that a technological trade school increases its visibility without paying is by slowly improving its website’s performance and content to reflect what its potential customers are seeking.  In the case of an IT, cybersecurity, or any other technical trade school, this includes content that describes the degree track or other benefits of choosing to pursue a certification in the field rather than a four-year degree. When this content is optimized with keywords, the possibilities of a search engine making it more visible skyrocket, as these keywords reflect what your future customers are inputting into the search bar. Some examples include “technological trade schools that specialize in IT,” “cybersecurity trade schools,” or “best cyber communication trade schools.” When these keywords are tastefully implemented in your website and its content, a search engine will recognize that your website is relevant to searches that include these keywords and make it more relevant. 

PPC Marketing for Technological Trade School

PPC marketing is a search engine marketing strategy that entails businesses bidding for keywords so that they appear on a search engine’s paid advertising space. This paid advertising space is valuable for trade schools because it is located directly under the search bar but above the organic search results. As opposed to search engine optimization, where websites attempt to slowly improve the quality of their website to earn higher placement, PPC marketing is a much quicker way to drive qualified traffic into your website. Our PPC specialists conduct in-depth keyword research to uncover what your customers are searching for so it could be reflected in a technological trade school’s PPC campaigns. These include several kinds of keywords, even those that you do not necessarily want to rank for.


Social Media Marketing for Technological Trade Schools

Any digital marketing for technological trade schools strategy must use social media marketing to be successful. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter provide plenty of benefits for trade schools because they are an excellent platform for sharing curated content and educating your potential customers. A great way to use social media marketing is to expose a different side of a trade school that is not commonly seen. For example, sharing interviews or photos of your staff or graduating students make your business seem more personable. Also, if your prospective students see success stories, it makes seeing themselves as one more feasible, which is sure to increase your enrollment rates. 

Tandem offers a full suite of digital marketing for technological trade school strategies. We understand that different trade schools offer various benefits for potential students. Therefore, our digital marketing strategies are tailored towards the needs of each of our clients. Contact our worker bees today to learn more. 


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