Digital Marketing for Carpenters

Carpenters are one of the most highly demanded skilled labor positions in the United States. The demand for carpenters is mostly reflected in modern times on digital platforms like search engines and social media sites.


Digital Marketing for Skilled Laborers

Carpenters are in an interesting position because it has never been easier for them to reach clients and showcase their work. Thanks to many online platforms’ ability to upload tailored content and target qualified customers, carpenters have never been in a better spot for launching marketing campaigns. As effective as digital marketing is for carpenters, they may need the assistance of a full-service digital marketing agency to design their campaigns. Tandem’s Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts can assist carpenters in creating campaigns to help them reach their target audience. 

Digital Marketing for Carpenters

The main goal of digital marketing is to attract more qualified customers to websites from search engines or social media sites. Once more people find themselves on websites, they will naturally be more likely to make purchases and set up appointments. The most useful tools for carpenters to use for attracting more clients onto websites are search engine optimization and PPC marketing, both of which constitute an important part of search engine marketing.

Online Marketing for Carpenters

Search Engine Marketing for Carpenters

Search engine optimization and PPC marketing work together to make a business’s website more visible on a search engine’s “prime real estate,” which is the highest portion of the search engine results page. The higher that a website is placed, the more likely it is that qualified traffic will go to your website and purchase your products or demand your services. 

To use search engine optimization, carpenters need to ensure that the content they upload to websites is related to carpentry and is engaging to potential customers. Content that details which type of wood works best for furniture or how to properly care for wooden furniture are great ideas for content that potential customers will find engaging. When content like this is engaging enough, more website visitors will share it with other people interested in carpentry, which will grow your audience. 

Search engines will also recognize that your website is a valuable resource for potential customers and make it more visible for them on their search engine results pages when they search for “furniture carpenters” or “Miami carpenters for hire.” As you could imagine, these keywords likely experience plenty of traffic from people interested in hiring a carpenter, so making sure that yours appears before your competitor presents plenty of advantages. 

PPC marketing, or pay-per-click marketing, is the paid half of search engine marketing. PPC marketing entails carpenters bidding for keywords on search engines that they think that their target audience is using.  These keywords could be the same as those used in SEO, or the keywords could be different depending on the characteristics of your target audience. 

Social Media Marketing for Carpenters

Carpenters need to be active on social media marketing platforms to share their work and attract more potential customers. People who need a carpenter’s assistance usually want to see the previous work they have done so they could have a rough idea of what they should expect. Social media platforms give businesses the ability to upload curated content for their potential customers. Carpenters should upload photos and videos of their previous works and how they installed them into a previous customer’s home or project. When a carpenter’s potential customers see that other customers who are similar to them have experienced what they want to experience themselves, they will be more inclined to visit your website or contact you to help them out.  

Tandem’s social media team could help you create content that attracts customers to your website and leads to more sales. 


How Tandem Can Help You

Our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts offer a full suite of digital marketing services for carpenters. Whether this is email marketing, reputation management, or even creative services, Tandem has got you covered. Contact us today to learn more.


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