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Located in Broward County, Pembroke Pines is home to many businesses, particularly businesses in the retail and hospitality industries. Tandem offers tailored digital marketing campaigns for businesses in Pembroke Pines. Our Pembroke Pines digital marketing strategies are not identical to our other Florida or East Coast digital marketing strategies. We tailor our campaigns to meet the unique goals of business owners in the area. Whether this be getting more phone calls or qualified traffic flooding your website, Tandem has the skills that your business needs to realize these goals.


“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”- Henry Ford

The internet has taken the world by storm and if you haven’t already, it is definitely time to jump onboard. Word of mouth can only take you so far anymore. If you are looking to attract new customers to your business, the internet presents a whole new world of opportunity just waiting for you to dive in. While you are probably an expert in your field, navigating the world wide web is a whole different story. That’s why you need a Pembroke Pines digital marketing agency in your corner to help make your online marketing campaign a success and elevate your business to the next level.

Why You Should Choose Us for Your Pembroke Pines Digital Marketing

Not all digital marketing agencies are the same. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there who will rely on their client’s fear of technology to reel them in. You want a local marketing agency that understands your needs and your market. You need online marketing in Pembroke Pines that you can trust.

At Tandem, we strive to provide our clients with transparency. We also pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the latest digital marketing trends by performing consistent research and attending the top marketing conferences with the goal of improving ourselves and our services for our clients. Whether you’re a local beauty salon or a national corporation in Pembroke Pines that is on the rise, we have the tools you need to make your business a success.

Online Marketing in Pembroke Pines

Your local Pembroke Pines business NEEDS a good website to bring in more paying customers. Located near the bustling city of Miami, you want something that will help your business stand out. With a little Google maps marketing, your business can literally be put on the map so that new customers can find your business. But that is just the beginning. Let our Pembroke Pines digital marketing give your business an edge over your competition and increase your online presence. Contact us today to find out more about getting started.

What to consider, when hiring a
Digital Marketing Agency



What metrics does the agency track, and how do they report it?


What does the digital marketing agency consider a successful outcome?


What will they deliver for you in a given quarter, month, or year?


Does the agency offer a variety of services for your business?

Our Services

  • SEO Mergers and Acquisitions

    Tandem's SEO strategy ensures that your business's website experiences more traffic thanks to our extensive keyword research and link acquisition tactics.

    SEO Mergers and Acquisitions

  • SEO

    Tandem's SEO strategy ensures that your business's website experiences more traffic thanks to our extensive keyword research and link acquisition tactics.


  • PPC

    Our PPC specialists ensure that your business's customers see your ads at the right place and right time. Tandem's strategies also ensure that your business's ads are immune to fluctuations in customer ideals.


  • Social Media

    Social media can be extremely profitable for businesses today. Our social media team allows your business to reach customers through targeted advertisements and engaging content.

    Social Media

  • Local SEO & Google Maps

    Local SEO allows your business to reach local customers by appearing in their searches. Our colony makes sure that you are out-ranking your local competition.

    Local SEO & Google Maps

  • Reputation Management

    Customers are keener than ever on your business's online reviews. Tandem's experts make sure that your business has a healthy buzz online.

    Reputation Management

Our Pembroke Pines marketing agency is dedicated to providing the best SEO, PPC, and social media services for all of our clients.

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