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Digital Marketing for Cleaning Companies

Cleaning companies need to use digital marketing to maintain their relevance on the internet and influence more potential clients. Tandem’s digital marketing strategies are sure to capture the attention of your target audience and increase your revenue.


Growing Your Company's Reach Online

Companies that offer cleaning services have traditionally relied on word-of-mouth and other traditional marketing methods to reach new customers. The introduction of the internet has made communicating with family and friends easier than ever before, and this ease of communication has made its way from personal use to being used by businesses to influence customers. The most popular way to use digital marketing is by taking advantage of a user’s inclination to use online platforms to search for cleaning services like search engines and social media. Tandem’s digital marketing worker bees are prepared to help your cleaning business use digital marketing for strategies to help you capture more customers. Give us a buzz today to learn more.


Taking Action to Grow Your Presence

How Can A Cleaning Company Use Social Media to Promote Its Service

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses across the service industry, especially cleaning services. Social media provides a unique platform for businesses to showcase their previous work via photos and videos. People looking to partner with a cleaning service need to see that your previous customers have had a good experience with your service. Social media’s reach is especially useful if one considers the popularity that it has. All of your potential customers are on social media, so it only makes sense that your business tries to reach them through these channels.

Having a skilled social media team like Tandem’s is an excellent way to ensure that your customers see the best that your business has to offer. Posting high-quality photos and videos add trust and credibility to your business, increasing the possibility of a customer finding themselves on your website or landing page. Social media is especially necessary if your company deals with auto detailing or marine detailing. It requires building a foundation of trust and credibility before a customer begins to trust you with their car or yacht.

How Can A Cleaning Company Use Social Media to Manage Their Reputation?

Reputation management is extremely important for any service company, especially cleaning companies. Our reputation management services, being one of the most important elements of digital marketing, ensure that your company’s reputation is always in good standing in the eyes of potential customers. Customers are keen on other people’s experiences when making purchase decisions. Both good and bad, company reviews spread far more quickly in today’s connected digital age. We make sure that the good reviews are the ones that are the most visible.

Reputation management ties into our social media marketing services because we can leverage platforms like Instagram and Facebook to encourage customers to leave reviews or ask what aspect of your service you could improve to garner a more positive response.

How Can a Cleaning Company Use Search Engine Marketing to Increase Their Exposure?

There are two ways to ensure that your business is enjoying the most exposure when it comes to search engine marketing. These are SEO and PPC. Search engine optimization (SEO) is colloquially known as an organic digital marketing strategy because it does not require that a business pay for a search engine or other platform for exposure. Instead, businesses looking to leverage search engine optimization rely on creating high-quality content, optimizing their websites, and earning links from reputable websites. Using these strategies in combination with keyword research ensures that a search engine recognizes your website and places it on the most visible portions of a search engine results page.

PPC, or pay-per-click, marketing is the paid branch of search engine marketing. Instead of organically creating a presence on the internet, PPC marketing relies on businesses placing bids on high-demand keywords to outrank their competition. Paid search engine marketing strategies like this one present an advantage over SEO because in two ways. For one, results are almost immediately noticed. Instead of spending considerable time and effort crafting content, high visibility is essentially gained through an online transaction. The second advantage that PPC has over SEO is the fact that companies can track their performance in real-time. Here, businesses (or our PPC specialists) can make timely adjustments to your campaigns. We recommend using both these strategies to improve your search engine presence. 


How Tandem Can Help You

Tandem is a boutique digital marketing agency that offers a full suite of life insurance digital marketing strategies. Give our worker bees a buzz today to learn more.

To review our full suite of services, feel free to look through our digital marketing services page or contact us today to learn more.

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